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Solero anti-ageing facial sun cream SPF 30

This May I was lucky enough to go to one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Dominican Republic. I had been planning my trip for 18 months after a close friend asked me to attend her wedding and be witness to her marriage. I was also in charge of hair for the bride and bridal party so I felt very honoured to attend.

As you may know I have semi-permanent make up and recently had fillers. The sun’s rays can effect both. Previously I have had a UV skin test to see the damage from the sun and was shocked at the state of my skin. During my youth I regularly tanned, used sun beds and rarely used sun lotion. I have lost count of the number of times I burnt my skin. Now at the age of 32 I am working to ensure I do not further increase the damage I caused.

Solero is a brand produced and sold by Lloyds Pharmacy. Solero is different because it protects against the suns Infrared A (IR-A), UV-B and UV-A rays which penetrate the skin causing short and long term damage. Not many brands offer this triple protection against these type of rays.

I know what you are thinking, what are all these types of rays? A ray, B ray, Ray Bans…

The difference is that UV-A are long wave rays that cause ageing of the skin, UV-B are short rays which cause burning, Infrared-A rays penetrate deep into the skin causing long term damage. Few products on the market protect against all three rays and those that do are usually expensive. Solero is an affordable option at just £7 for SPF 30 anti-ageing face cream.

So what’s my opinion? It’s great! I have used many facial sun creams and many of them are greasy, heavy or simply horrid to apply. Solero face cream has a pleasant smell, is a milky texture and sinks in the skin. There was no greasy residue and for days when I wanted to wear makeup I could easily apply over the top as it made a good base.

The best part, I didn’t burn my face! I always get a red nose no matter how much I try to shade myself but this holiday I came home tanned not burnt. The handy size meant I could keep the tube in my bag and apply when required I even used it on my shoulders at one point and it worked perfectly. filmed on the beach location.


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