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Top Night-Time Face Saviours for Every Skin Type

From dry skin, to congested pores. I select the best plant based, organic and eco friendly skin products to add to your night-time routine. Whether you prefer serums and gels to oils and cream, here are some suggestions for the perfect products to suit your budget.

Dry Skin Hero: Skin Zero

I am just in love with this range of skincare from Skin Zero. The beautifully packaged products are 100% recyclable and as the name might suggest they contain no harmful substances to you or the environment.

The entire range is founded and developed by Holly Wagman, a young female with her own first-hand experience of sensitive skin and eczema. Holly passionately researched the ingredients in skincare products before developing the range which is both kind to kind and the earth. It really makes a difference to have a brand that is made by someone experiencing the same skin problems, if they use it themselves it must be worth it. The range also has some notable awards such as The Green Parent Natural Beauty Best Buy, Free From Skincare Bronze Award and a Beauty Awards Finalist. Not bad for a brand that only started in 2019.

The Skin Zero Face Scrub has a gel like consistency and is not harsh on the skin or over drying. Its difficult to find a scrub that does not over exfoliate the skin or irritate the eyes but this one work perfectly. I followed up with the facial oil a favourite in the range and very affordable at £12.99. A new product this smells divine as it is made from 6 concentrated plant-based oils (Sweet Almond, Coconut, Jojoba, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot and Chamomile). This special mix of oils helps to reduce inflammation and gives a boost to that dull winter skin.

I follow up in the evening with the aromatic night cream which is rich and luxurious but not greasy or heavy. Suitable for all skin types the night cream is thick and creamy. I love the smell and it is sinks into the skin easily without transferring. It contains different ingredients from the oil and enhance the oils already fabulous ingredients. Betaine a natural plant-based ingredient is used to prevent cell water loss to increase the hydration from the sweet almond oil. Couple this with green tea extract to reduce collagen loss and it makes the perfect mix for skin recovery.

I especially found the night cream worked well on thinner skin across the forehead and nose where the elements had caused the skin to be rougher in texture and dry. In just one use I noticed a vast different in skin texture, soothing the dry skin and reducing tightness and itching.

If you purchase via Feel Unique for every product bought, they will plant a tree! How can you resist?!

Sensitive Skin, don’t be shy with Natura Siberica Range

Unlike most sensitive ranges of skincare this product has a beautiful fragrance. The Natura Siberica range includes serums, day creams and cleansing gels for all skin types and concerns.

The website, found here, is easy to navigate as you can search by concern or range including men’s skincare, haircare, body care and more. All their products are cruelty free, and the sensitive range of products is certified organic.

The Multi Protection Face Aqua-Serum, priced at £10.49, is naturally perfumed, a real treat for those with sensitive skin. Usually, I steer safely to the non-perfumed range to avoid adverse reactions but this serum and accompanying day cream have a light fragrance that is not harmful to the skin. The smell comes from the gentle hydrolates, or fragrant water that is obtained from the plant Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola rosea is a hardy plant that grows in artic conditions. It’s a thick green plant found in Europe, Asia, and North America and in particular the Himalayas. The plant is a commonly found in well being supplements as is totally natural with many positive properties. It is rich in organic acids and essential oils that protect the skin.

The aqua serum, like all serums, should be used alongside a day or night cream. I found the lightweight texture easily absorbed and non-sticky. I followed it up with the SOS soothing night face mask a thick, but not greasy cream designed for ultimate skin repair. This is one of my favourite skin saviours as it really gives a boost of hydration for my sensitive skin, and I feel like it is a real spa level treat at home. The mask has the same ingredients as the serum but concentrated into a thicker cream that does not congest the skin.

If you suffer from sensitive skin or are looking for range of products that protect the skin from the elements, Natura Siberica products are highly recommended and affordable.

Cell Renewal For an Instant Glow- Notox by SkinnyTan

Wow! Fake tan has come a long way! Gone are the days of smelling like cornflakes, stained hands and transferring dark patches to every garment you wore. Now tanning is good for you, easy and anti-ageing!

Notox Retinol Dream Serum from SkinnyTan is a revolution in tanning for the face. It combines retinol for skin cell renewal, shea butter for plumping and moisture and a hint of tan for an immediate glow.

I love this product for the instant healthy look it gives my skin. In just one use I noticed my skin looked less ashen and grey and was a subtle glow that meant I wore less make up the following day.

Retinol is a powerful ingredient and for newbies I would advise you use sparingly. I used the serum just twice a week in the evening and always followed with a SPF the following day. The glow of the gradual tan from a maximum of two uses a week meant I looked healthy without looking overly ‘bronzed’. The retinol targets the signs of ageing while the tan gives an immediate healthy complexion along with the nourishing and hydrating Shea butter. I love that it combats all my concerns in one and reduces the number of products in my daily routine!

It is also scented with midnight jasmine and neroli, one of my favourite scents, that promotes sleep and relaxation! Leaving you to lie back and dream you are on the beach catching some warm sunny rays and vitamin E.

Oil Free Serum with max impact, Dr Haushka Night Serum

The Dr Hauschka range are high-end products at affordable prices. Their Face Serum is one of my favourites for a night-time ritual as it smells AMAZING and has visible effects from the first use.

The night serum is priced at £29.50, a little goes a long way and if you are worried to commit to a new product then they do offer a 2.5ml version for £5, which is great for travelling.

I applied a thin film of the gel like serum to a clean and dry face. No irritation just pure moisture and a non-sticky formula. The serum is easier to use then droplets and creams as its presented in an easy dispenser another plus and the packaging looks very sophisticated. The key difference is that the serum does not contain oil. It is suitable for all skin types from dry to oily. If you prefer a non-oil-based serum this is definitely the one.

Dr Hauschka have been making nature-based products since 1935 and as the name suggests was founded by Dr Hauschka in Germany. The range is used in hotels, spas and retails online and keeps to its ethos; Our brand is much more than a chic logo – it denotes our cosmos. Our selected medicinal plants are certified organic and help the skin to help itself and to regenerate.

Products are still made in Germany to this day and the range is constantly being evolved and expanded to include body care and make up.

Rich in Results, the Phyto Sleeping Cream

If you are looking for the ultimate skin treat and spa level skin care at home then athletia Phyto Sleeping Cream is my top choice.

At £86 a jar it is not cheap, but boy can you tell how luxury it is when you open it!

The thick cream, also known as the ‘dream cream’ has a strong lavender smell, perfect for cosy evening and sound sleep. The cream itself contains plant seed oil, designed to create a subtleness in the skin.

The formula is rich and what you expect from a luxury face cream. It literally wraps you in a delicious scent that makes you feel like you have been at the spa.

athletia as a brand believe in ‘energetic skin’ the ethos that our skin reflects the way we live our lives and should glow with vitality. With the help of athletia your skin can glow as well, providing that buzz your feel after exercise. The products also protect against the harsh environmental factors that can age, damage or dull our skin daily.

A little goes a long way with the ‘dream cream’ and for a luxury treat it is definitely worth the money.

Age Defying for the forever young, Skin Revivals

Skin Revivals is a mail order skin care range available via Beauty Naturals ( The site stocks over 100 brands and began in 1980 leading the market in online and mail order skincare ranges.

Skin Revivals is an advanced formula skincare and 2009 Natural Health Magazine Beauty Winner. The range is particularly good for maturing skin with a soft scent and natural, organic, vegan ingredients its gentle but fast acting on the skin.

The Intensive Face Lift Serum makes a pretty bold claim in its name, but it works! After the first use I found my skin felt smoother and by the end of the week a lot firmer!

It contains all the essentials such as vitamin C, amino acids and more, the star combination of ingredients designed to work best on ageing skin. While being intensive it is not aggressive or irritating to the skin probably due to the inclusion of soothing Lavender oil, and bitter orange.

I followed the serum with the Age Defying Hydro Cream Gel. I love the consistency as its cool on the skin. It also contains a super charged ingredient- sodium hyaluronate which acts as a sponge for dry skin cells and moisturises with 1,000 times its weight in water. The result is plumper more nourished skin.

I particularly like the two products combined for the noticeable effects and how it adapts to my environment. I used the combo on dry patches, across the face and neck and it had a equalising effect balancing my skin and making it smoother and softer across all areas.

Starting at £14 for the hydro crème I think the range is affordable for the great results it offers.


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