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Transformulas Line Filler & Marine Miracle Eyezone

If you have not heard of Transformulas you must have been living under a rock! This brand of affordable no injectable hit the market with a bang and is one of the best known in cosmetic rejuvenation on the market today.

Founded by Rosi Chapman, I like Transformulas female led approach of making the most of yourself, while not breaking the bank.

I have been road testing tow items from the extensive facial range which focuses on ageing signs around the eyes.

First of all I have been trying the Marine Miracle Eyezone cream. This lightweight cream promises to revitalise the skin around the eyes from signs of tiredness and ageing with its five times ultra concentrated aldavine.

I am a sucker for anything marine related. It sounds odd but I 100% believe anything from the sea works miracles on the skin.

The Eyezone cream contains natural alternatives to chemicals. The main ingredient is Aldavine which is clinically proven to reduce eye puffiness, and dark circles.

One thing a noticed first off is its light texture, not to mention the cute little pot which I adore. Also it dries quickly and does not feel greasy or heavy on the eye. Best of all its gentle so does not irritate or make my eyes water.

I am half way through my 28 day trial and want to wait until the end to see the true result but so far it is one of the best eye creams I have tried.

The second product in the range gives a similar result but across the face. This is the Line filler. This item comes in a wand form. It smoothes and plumps lines on the face with an invisible coating. You can use this across the whole face wherever lines appear and regardless of depth. My main areas are the crow’s feet and around the mouth. Again I am allowing 28 days for results.

The wand has a gel like light cream, you can hardly feel it on your skin and it is gently with no adverse effects. I am excited to see final results without needles!

Check out both items here and the rest of the Transformulas range:

Transformulas Marine Miracle Eyezone

Transformulas Line Filler


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