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No Make Up?! No Problem!

Easter is just weeks away. Traditionally it is a time to spring clean, to revamp our homes. Why not ourselves? With the clocks moving forward an hour we have more daylight and slowly summer will be upon us.

For me summer means holidays, maxi dresses, seaside, sun and no make-up.

This month’s blog focusses on semi-permanent make up. I have my eyeliner, brows and lips in semi-permanent makeup and adore this invention.

Sian Dellar, semi-permanent make up artist based on Harley Street London speaks to me about her career and treatments.

Hi Sian, tell me about yourself, your qualifications and how you got into the aesthetics industry?

Hi, I provide Semi Permanent Make Enhancements treatments for Eyebrows, Eyes and Lips and have been practicing for 8 years.

My passion for semi permanent make up started when I had my own brows done. I struggled to find someone who specialised in dealing with Ethnic skin tones but when I finally did, I saw for myself how much of a difference the treatment made to my look and self-confidence. I decided then to embark on opening a clinic that could confidently deal with women from any ethnicity and focus my work on people who suffered from health issues that affected their hair growth. I now have that very clinic I dreamt of and my passion to help women feel better about themselves continues to drive me to improve my skills and service.

I have trained with some of the very best and most innovative makeup specialists and have used their teachings to create and master my own techniques and skills.

Do you have a signature treatment? Something that differentiates you from the rest?

My post popular treatment is Microblading which is one of the most cutting edge techniques used to create natural looking brows. Permanent Makeup is traditionally carried out with a tattoo machine but I offer a bespoke approach which involves a hand-held micro pen tool. This is a technique that is very hard to master as its heavily dependant on the skill of the technician as opposed to an electrical device. As a result, it gives the client more variety in the look they can achieve and more scope for the technician to provide a unique, non-artificial look.

What are your plans for the future business wise?

I have been very blessed thus far, I have an amazing Clinic based in Harley Street and I am also based in Kuwait and the prestigious Selfridges. I definitely plan on opening more clinics abroad at some stage to cater to those clients who are still struggling to find practitioners who work with Asian and Black skin tones. I also plan on expanding my Sian Dellar Academy which offers support and specialist training to other semi-permanent makeup artists.

What do you think will be the next big thing in semi- permanent make up?

I have been in this industry for almost a decade now and feel extremely blessed to have come so far and to have my own clinic. My aim for the future is to inspire and teach other makeup artists just as my mentors did when I first started out. The industry is forever changing and new trends and techniques mean that I am constantly educating and training myself through specialist courses. I will continue to do this to ensure that my clients are getting the very best quality of service from me and my team.

Any words of advice for people considering the treatments?

Do your research on your desired treatment and clinic.

I have dealt with so many different people; from the stressed bride to be to the cancer patient who has not only lost all her hair but her eyelashes and brows too. I believe that everyone is treatable, no matter how big the challenge where there is a will there will be eyebrows.

Any tips for those interested in joining the industry?

Work hard and then work harder! Your work is your reputation.

Sian Dellar works at Clinic 1 Harley Street, London, You can read more about Sian here

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