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Christmas Wish List Top Purchases for 2017

Looking for something for your better half this Christmas? Does your man have it all? Here are my top three gifts that any fella will like for Christmas this year.

Stay Cool Ice Towel

When I go the gym, I try and mix up my weights and cardio sessions both to tone up and to burn the gut. As such, I do sweat a lot especially on the treadmill. I find myself damp and red faced at the end of a workout. The Stay Cool Ice Towel caught my attention as it seemed the perfect solution.

Initially I was sceptical about the whole idea of an Ice Towel, is it a gimmick? It is advertised as a lightweight towel that acts like an ice pack. ‘Except this ice pack will never melt or need freezing!’

I won’t pretend to understand the science behind it but the instructions are pretty straight forward. Simply rinse the towel in cold water, wring out the excess water and shake for 10 seconds before putting back into the plastic bottle ready to stick in your gym bag.

I used the towel after a 30 minute run so I was pretty sweaty and hot. Once I took it out of the bottle it was cold but surprisingly not wet. It cooled my brow, neck and chest without getting me soaked or making a mess. Also, if you are anything like me I turn into a beetroot after cardio however it helped bring my body temperature down without a cold chill and reduce my red glow.

It stays cool for up to 2 hours, plenty of time if you want to use it for your gym session. It fits easily into my bag and because it is so contained in the bottle and you do not need to put it in the fridge or freezer it keeps things clean and dry in my bag.

Moving forward it is defiantly my essential when I go the gym for cardio. It would also be ideal for beach holidays, basically any time I think I might benefit from cooling down.

You can find the Stay Cool Ice Towel at Find Me a Gift.

Personalised Wash Bag

First things first who does not want their name up in lights well in this case on your wash bag, yes rather cheesy however it is a bit of harmless fun and self-indulgence in one.

I have to admit I don’t own a wash bag, until now! I particularly like the modern-vintage design and of course the personalisation. If it wasn’t clear before it will be now, mitts of my toiletries!

It is a great size and holds all of your essentials - shaver, shower gel, brush, wax, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. It is perfect to take on your travels with work, pleasure or for a workout. It is waterproof, has a zip so nothing can fall out and also easy to clean if something spills. With a velcro closing it is simple but stylish. In addition, it has compartments which is pretty handy and something a lot of male washbags do not have.

A great present for a friend, boyfriend or to yourself practical but fun at the same time.

You can find the Personalised Wash Bag at Find Me a Gift.

Mint Ice Cream body wash

Now here is a stocking filler if ever I have seen one!

Who doesn’t like the smellies for Christmas? Plus, this one is a little different. Initially I have to say I thought this was for the girlfriend but soon realised its unisex and it is now pretty much my guilty pleasure.

The product is mainly designed for use in the home, not really suitable to take to the gym or on your travels but great for some indulgence in the bathroom. A nice long soak or hot shower.

When you open the tub, which incidentally looks like luxury ice-cream you have this fantastic smell of mint, that reminded me of a mint chocolate bar worthy of a place on the shelves of a high street confectionary shop. The smell alone cheers me up after a long day, with a hint of nostalgia for my childhood.

It is easy to apply and immediately froths up once in contact with water. Its smooth the apply to the skin and a little goes a long way. You are not overcome with bath foam. In terms of a body wash it is totally fit for purpose and I can feel that is moisturises while cleaning as well, probably due to its shea butter content. It is not greasy or oily either.

It smelt so brilliant in the shower I was a little worried that I would be a walking chocolate bar. Although the smell is strong it does not carry over to your skin, meaning that you do not smell like a Mint Aero for hours after.

You can find the Mint Ice Cream body wash at Find Me a Gift.

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