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Cheek enhancement with Visage Aesthetics

This is the second time I have had cheek fillers and this time I was far more prepared. After years or lip filler and assumed cheeks would be much the same or less uncomfortable, boy was I wrong.

While the skin on the lips is thinner and blood vessels are closer to the surface, the skin on the cheeks is thin, and of course injecting a muscle hurts more. With cheek fillers the filler is injected past the muscle down to the bone where it will sit on the cheek bone and spread for a natural look not a lumpy or uneven effect. So of course it feels slightly more painful.

I had a consultation with Dr Aicken, known for his skills in ‘tear trough’ (eye bags) in Northern Ireland. I wanted a more pronounced cheek and to detract attention from my jaw which is rather square. I also wanted to smooth the lines around my eyes that are starting to form. Dr Aicken suggested 1ml of Dermal Revolution ( in each cheek. Previously I had 0.5ml in each and liked the effect but wanted more so this was perfect.

I laid back on the couch and Dr Aiken spent some time looking at my face, symmetry, current filler and the areas safe to inject. I felt I was in safe hands. The Doctor asked if I wanted to view the progress at stages in case I wanted to decrease the amount of filler but I felt assured enough to leave the Doctor to do his thing.

One thing to note is that I had anaesthetic gel applied this is advised not just because the treatment can be uncomfortable but also if you choose a dental block or alike it can distort the face and true results cannot be seen. I was also examined and injected when sitting upright on the couch. This gives the doctor a better perspective of the face and ensures symmetry. Symmetry is something looked for in beauty.

Back to the couch… In all I had 6 injections in each cheek along the cheek bone. The off putting part as hearing the crunch of the needle through the muscle into my cheek but if you are not to queasy it’s really not too bad. Its tender afterwards and you will see pinpricks as you would expect. I was advised to sleep on my back and avoid laying on either side for the first night to ensure my cheeks settle ok.

The next day I saw results immediately but as usual I bruise like a peach so had a yellowing and bruise on my right cheek. It meant I couldn’t see the full effect but over time with some light massage the bruise dispersed and I was left with fabulous cheeks. The images show my cheeks two weeks after the treatment. You can see a definite change in face shape and a more defined cheek bone giving a more sweetheart face shape effect.

I can say I am trying chuffed to bits with my cheeks! Thank you Doctor Michael Aicken and team.

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