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Chemical Peel with KT Training

As a teenager I suffered as many do from moderate skin complaints. As well as the usual spots and blackheads I also have suffered with psoriasis since I was around 18 years old and this effects my face, elbows, knees and knuckles.

My psoriasis is a side effect of stress and I have always been prescribed steroid cream. However a natural means of me keeping it in check is via UV rays. In my early 20’s I thought nothing of using sunbeds and went on numerous holidays without sun cream. Although my psoriasis disappeared it has left me with number of sun spots on my face and back not to mention the damage it has caused to my skin.

This was the main reason for my choice to have a chemical peel. Along with this I have always had enlarged pores which is hereditary and little I can do to change. I also had heard great things about chemical peels for fine lines and to keep the skin fresh and rehuventated so I booked in.

I underwent a 50% Glycolic peel. These types of peel come in varying strengths and are derived from sugar cane. A strong glycolic peel is licensed for use by physicians only, usually peels over 40%.

I had no pain relief so I was prepared for the worst but I was pleasantly surprised. When it comes to cosmetic procedures my pain threshold is pretty high anyway. The face was prepped and the peel applied and then I was fanned to try and prevent the burning sensation. The facial was timed and a neutraliser applied after to combat the acid before it was removed and my face was washed with luke warm water.

I was them covered with prescribed cream and sent on my merry way.

Within half an hour of leaving the clinic my face was bright red and so shiny I was told someone could see their own reflection on my nose! I was advised to sit and have a water but I left to miss the traffic and half way home had to stop at a service station for a breather.

Although the treatment is not painful as such it’s uncomfortable and the effects can be felt once it’s over. Your face burns like sunburn and your skin glows red. I didn’t look to great at the service station and the redness was making me wonder what I had done.

Nevertheless it was too late now so I went home and followed the instructions to not wash my face for 12 hours and then only with water. Absolutely no makeup for the next 5-7 days and only the prescribed cream to be applied as often as needed.

Within 5 days I felt back to normal but my skin felt fabulous! Like a babies in fact. My face was far more even in tone, my sun spots had faded to near invisible and others commented that I looked fresher and my skin was looking better than ever.

I have found I am sensitive to some products now. I use a sensitive range of cleaner, toner and moisturiser and for 12 months after the treatment you are not permitted to undergo any facials which involve exfoliation such as microdermabrasion or undertake and harsh facial abrasive products at home.

A year previous to my chemical peel I had undertaken a course of microdermabrasion which while it made my skin feel great the appearance was not noticeably different and I didn’t see any long term benefits.

Two years on and I now use regular at home chemical peel kits at a lower percentage to keep on top of the results and maintain my skin. I review theses here.

Chemical Peels of varied strength available at :

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