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Lip Correction by Visage Academy

Earlier in the year I had a lip enhancement using a cannula above the lip line. Although it gave my lips volume after the treatment area settled I felt my lips where not quite symmetrical. It was nothing I could not disguise with lipstick however I did feel it was noticeable and wanted it corrected.

I booked in as a model with trusted doctor, Dr Michael Aicken at Visage Academy. The Visage team is based in Belfast but run a training academy in London regularly. It is extremely popular and the courses are always booked well in advance. The 4 day Diploma course in aesthetic injectable (Botulinum Toxin Type A & Hyaluronic Acid Gel) can be completed by either ‘Medics’ (Doctors, Dentist & Nurses) who wish to receive a more complete training package or certain ‘Non-Medics’ (see below for definition) who wish to receive certification to practice Botox and Fillers in the UK.

In my consultation Dr Aicken recognised the asymmetry in my top lips with the right side slightly lower and the left top lip slightly enlarged. I liked to have an enhanced cupids bow and fullness to the lips but I detest the ‘sausage moustache’ that I see on a lot of women who have filler. This is when filler is injected in the lip contour (vermillion border), the slightly darker border around the edge of your lip but resulting in a sausage of filler along the upper lip line. I much prefer injections to the wet part of the lip and the volume of the lip pushing against the teeth to make the lips bigger which I think looks more natural.

I had 1ml of Restylane Lidocaine a filler used to create volume in various areas of the face.

The filler was distributed between top and bottom lip. The Bottom lip should always be fuller than the top to look natural. The left side of my upper lip was treated with slightly more product to get the symmetry back into my lips.

The filler does not contain anaesthetic like some do but this was not a problem as the numbing cream applied beforehand worked a treat.

Since the treatment my lips were tender and I needed to ensure I have kept a lip seal at hand at all times but they have settled down nicely and I am really pleased. I especially like the fullness of my top lip when I smile which was lost previously.

Images below show the before and after. As well as this treatment I also underwent cheek enhancement with Dermal Revolution filler (read here) and Botox to crow’s feet (read here).

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