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Lip Enhancement with Dr Sotirios Foutsizoglou

Lip Enhancement, by that I mean dermal fillers, comes in three different forms. Definition, volume and pout.

Definition- when the client wants more define lips, perhaps age has made the lips thinner and lip line less defined. The cupids bow is more pronounced and neater.

Volume- the Angeline Jolie of lips! Where the client wants volume and fullness. Often used when the upper lip is noticeably thinner than the lower to even out and on more youthful lips.

Pout- the Victoria Beckham look. The wet area of the inner lip is injected to make a pout appearance. You lips will be naturally full and you want a seductive look.

Choose from these what you are looking as an ultimate result of your lip enhancement. Practitioners will be trained in all three processes but you want to be clear of the outcome you want when booking any treatment.

My pet hate is what I call the ‘fat moustache’ or ‘filler tash’. You will see on some work a noticeable sausage of filler above the lip line that looks like a moustache. It’s not enhancing the lips not is it increasing the lip volume. If I see this in a practices gallery I will instantly choose not to use them.

By far Dr Sotirios as he is known is my favourite in the field of lip enhancement.

Most important he has a good eye for detail and looking at the face for symmetry and the improvements to be made. He also LISTENS to what you want and the look you desire.


I had 1ml of Juvederm 3 in my lips with 6 injections to the upper lip and 4 to the lower. ¼ of the 1ml was used in the lower lip where the area is already plumper and the rest used to enlarge the upper lip.The Juvederm Ultra range of filler is a market leader and highly recommended.

Starting at the edges the Dr Increases the amount of product injected, working the way to the bow of the lip. I choose not to have anaesthetic as the Juvederm 3 contains some anaesthetic itself. The pain is manageable but more painful in the centre of the lips where skin in thinner.

Dr Sotirios uses his own coined ’sausage-ing technique’ which involves in-depth massage to the area that have been filled to decrease the likelihood of any limps and bumps or unevenness you can sometimes get after a treatment.

It is a sensitive area of the face but the pain is manageable and is quickly over. The less you tense the less bruising you will get. Whatever you do try and avoid a dermal block which numbs the whole mouth. Although you cannot feel a thing the effects are longer lasting and the lips can be distorted as you have no control over the muscles when numb. This means you don’t see a true result until the anaesthetic worn off and it could be too late.

Dr Sotirios works is the Medical Director at the Skin Oasis team in London

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