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Fair Squared- Vegan Face & Body Products

Fair Squared is a vegan range certified by Fair Trade. The men’s range contains coffee, but not in that old teacher breathe way, more of a warm and ‘wake me up’ feel and smell.

Behind the brand it’s all about the ingredients, the way they are sourced, and the means they are farmed to make the products. The ingredients are natural, farmed ethically and hand processed. It means those living and working to produce the ingredients like coffee are treated fairly and that the product itself is used to its best advantages.

The men’s range includes body lotion, body wash and a shaving oil.

The body lotion and wash come in a handy pump action bottle, perfect for home use. The shower gel retails at under £10 and for a vegan, fair trade product I am pretty impressed. The shower gel contains olive oil from Palestine and caffeine extract. It’s easy to apply, but is non-foaming, so if you like a lot of bubbles try something else in the range. It does leave your skin clean and soft with no irritation especially important for sensitive skin.

Followed with the lotion, it makes a nice duo. The lotion contains a combination of rich olive oil and grape seed oil gives this body lotion a texture that will be easily absorbed by normal and sensitive skin giving it moisture and smoothness. It is also ant-ageing and the coffee bean extract revitalises tired skin. Perfect for early mornings.

While the shower gel and lotion are great for early mornings, I prefer to use the shaving oil in the evenings. It contains argan oil, with no irritation and lots of moisture. The oil means you avoid the redness and irritation from regular shaving. For best results I shaved and applied in the evening allowing time for the oil to really soak into the skin and soothe. I have great results.

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