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Masquebar Bandito Face Masks

After hearing Gina rave over the Korean beauty products breaking the UK I decided to look into some brands for the polished male.

I came across MasqueBAR, a Korean brand that make a range of face manly face masks designed for male skin called Bandito.

The range is based on the needs of the skin rather than skin type. Usually face masks are labelled by skin type, e.g.: dry, oily etc. Instead this range goes by the requirement of the skin. For example, smoothing mask, relaxation mask, purifying mask or skin renewal mask. They have rather trendy name as well: Keep it smooth sheet mask, Chill for a minute or 30 cream mask, Pimped our no more mud mask, Get lucky night on the town sheet mask.

As the names suggest the masks suit different occasions. They come in single pouches making it easy to decipher how much to use. They are also in different forms like sheet, mud and cream so you can choose which you prefer.

The masks contain what MasqueBAR call home remedies, which means no nasties on your skin. ingredients like kale, charcoal and tea tree to help keep your skin healthy and happy.

My favourite is the sheet mask that contains vitamin C. It smells clean and fresh and not to feminine. Its easy to use as you apply straight over a clean dry face. It had a fun element a well with a moustache drawn on the sheet! My skin smooth and smelt great. More frequent use will help with dark spots, and keep skin radiant. I noticed the first mask bought out some dormant spots and blemishes but this was expected and further masks soon sorted these out.

I hope they increase the range and include back masks as well!

You can buy them for as little as £3.99 from Asos!

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