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Urtekram; Body Care for Men

Before work I generally like to go for a swim/gym to help keep in shape and prepare myself for a long day in the office. The main downside about swimming before work is the constant smell of chlorine not to mention the irritation on the skin especially as I am usually clean shaven. Not ideal on a hot day in Central London.

I am always looking for suitable products that wash the heavy chlorine smell from my skin and hair without being too harsh for daily use or over powering. No one wants to be a walking Lynx’s advert.

I found a hair and body wash combined, perfect for a man on the go, from Urtekram.

Urtekam is a Scandinavian wholesaler of organic products. If anyone if used to extremes in weather it’s the Scandinavians so I was optimistic the products in the range would be good. The body wash has a fresh masculine scent of juniper, baobab, liquorice and aloe vera. The Aloe Vera calms the skin and the baobab is nourishing to the skin.

The added bonus is the liquorice which protects against pollution, perfect for a commuter like me.

The shower gel is easy to use, apply and a little goes a long way. Smells fresh and non-greasy, perfect for a long day regardless of profession. It does leave you with a sense of cleanliness afterwards. If the ethical side is important then both products are Cosmos Organic & Vegan approved.

The body lotion is actually very good, it smooth's the skin and can be applied at the start of the day and also before bed with no worries about sweating in the day or tossing & turning at night like some products.

Want to know more about Urtekram then check out the range here

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