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Janina Oral Health Range

I am always looking for ways to improve my smile. I want whiter teeth while keeping my oral health tip top and for me that means less trips to the dentist.

I ultimate way to get white teeth is via veneers or caps but this seems extreme to be and I would rather naturally whiten my smile. The slightest bit of stress and I get ulcers and sores in my mouth so the less abrasive, invasive or harmful to my teeth and hums the better.

Janina make a range of oral health products designed for teeth whitening the gentle way.

For the first time I started using the Janina toothpaste as a starter. They make more than one toothpaste but I tried the Maxi White Super Strength. It contains natural fruit enzymes from pineapple and papaya. It means it is low abrasion and kinder on the teeth and gums. It has a small does of Hydroxyapatite for teeth whitening.

It might sound odd to be using fruit as a means to whiten teeth but in fact the parts of the pineapple and papaya used make a bromine complex that is patented by Janina. It is a low abrasion formula which keeps tooth enamel in top condition.

You only need a pea sized amount of the paste, it has a brilliant taste and made my mouth tingle which I loved! It felt ultra clean as well.

I also love the packaging which is not something I say often about toothpaste! But you can feel the quality in the packaging.

If you are looking for something a little extra to the toothpaste which can be used daily then how about the Janina Charcoal and Clay Teeth Whitening powder? This can be used weekly to gently polish teeth. It reminds me of the scale and polish from the hygienist and the results are great. Its 100% natural and fluoride free so perfectly safe as well. It can be a bit messy so you need to be careful.

If like me you are always rushing it might be best to try the teeth whitening strips. They are a 7-day system. Again, no hydrogen peroxide so they are nice and safe but provide great results.

The idea is to place a strip top and bottom and leave for 30 minutes, do this for 7 days and see whiter results. I found that initially the program over 7 days was great. It whitened my teeth and made them shine, to keep on top of this I have used a strip once a week. I usually place it then jump in the shower, get ready and then brush my teeth once Its ready to be removed. It removes any stains and keeps up the white result.

You can buy Janina in Boots pharmacy, or check out their website here:

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