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Lepicol Lighter

The more weight I have lost the harder I am finding it to shed the pounds. My stomach has shrunk but I still have crazing’s which is natural and I can still over eat.

I am looking to try some natural products that will assist in my weight loss rather than any strict new plans. One such products is Lepicol Lighter.

Lepicol Lighter is a sachet form of fibre that you mix with 1-2 glasses of water or juice before a meal. The product is high in fibre and contains 7 strains of live bacteria. One of these is Chromium which is an essential mineral that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. It also contains glucomannan a plant fibre which helps with a low calories diet and lastly psyllium husk which helps assist with normal bowel movement.

You can take these sachets up to three times a day approx. ten minutes before you are due to eat.

The main attraction with this was that I could use them when I felt I was having a hungry day. Usually around my menstrual cycle I feel more hungry than normal, by hormones and blood sugar can go a little crazy and so these assisted in my diet and my moods.

I had a pack of 30 sachets which will last approx. 10 days. However I didn’t feel I needed to take them every day and before every meal. Instead I took them on days when I felt I might need a boost, felt more hungry or times when I thought I needed a bit more willpower not to overeat.

I found the product had near to no taste when I missed with squash so it was easy to drink. It mixed in well and did not have a chalky consistency so it was pleasant to drink.

You can buy Lepicol direct from their website here

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