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NeoStrata Re-Surface Ultra Soothing Cream.

NeoStrata us a physician – dispensed skin care brand formulated for dermatological conditions like dry skin, acne, etc.

I used this cream after having my first chemical peel and the results were incredible!

The cream is very thick and has little to no smell. It’s not in fancy packaging and it doesn’t look to appealing but the results are great. I applied to cream generously after my chemical peel and due to its low water content the cream hydrated my skin and did not sting or hurt at all like many creams do.

The cream is easy to spread and sinks into the skin easily. During my time using the cream I did not apply makeup and would advise this cream is used at bedtime or on days you do not plan to use any make up at all. It’s really a recovery cream more than a day or night cream.

I found it did not transfer to my pillow of clothing which was great as no one wants grease transfer from their face!

It is important to follow up home peels with the same level of aftercare so I would recommend this range. I would also advise it’s only used on the face as it is sensitive and light enough for facial.

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