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Remescar Eye Bag & Dark Circle Cream

Cucumbers, gel packs, cold spoons... I have tried them all.

Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are hereditary in my family. Hell breaks loose if I ever run out of my YSL touche eclat.

It seems all the quick fixes are pretty uncomfortable so when Remescarintroduced me to their new eye cream for dark circles I jumped at the chance to try it.

The product, which comes in a fair sized 8ml tube is to be used sparingly under the eyes before make up. It’s recommended that you use just a rice size squeeze of the product and apply lightly to the area.

The cream uses Eyesyl a brand new technology that works in a number of ways, but most importantly it tightens skin and decreases puffiness.

I was excited to try this out and gave it the true test on a particularly heavy night’s sleep. After a migraine and a lot of water I crashed out in my bed and awoke 12 hours later. My eyes were grey and puffy, the perfect occasion to use a quick fix.

The cream is light and easy to apply. It does not clump at all or congeal and best of all it goes on smoothly like velvet.

I waited just 2 minutes, for the product to dry and in that time I could feel it working. It dried quickly but feels weightless and the best part is that unlike other products I have used it does not have residue. Some skin tightening creams leave a white flaky film on the skin but Remescar didn’t do this, nor did it appear later in the day. It stayed flawless until I washed my face and removed my make up when I got home.

For the first time in months I didn’t use my highlighter under my eyes this morning, just the cream. For just £29.95, in Boots chemist, I think this is a real bargain and a must have for your holidays. If like me your wear large glasses and like to tan then your eye bags will be hard to hide in the summer when you are unlikely to wear makeup in hot destinations. I think this product would be a must have for not just day to day but for my holiday packing list.

You can see some images below, before and after without make up in both.

You can buy it here

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