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Skin Fab Glycolic Peel

Skin Fab are an online only skincare provider. They offer a range of products for anti-ageing, rosacea, acne, sun burn, sun protection, self tanning, hair balding treatment etc.

On the outset their products don’t look to glamorous that is because they spend more time and money on product development then packaging. The no frills bottles do not deter me. I bought the 20% glycolic peel for home use with neutraliser and post peel cream.

The products are available as singles or as a kit. To maintain my skin for my peel two years ago I have been using the 20% for periods of time. The kit includes a brush, acid and neutraliser along with instructions for use.

Working up from 1 minute to 8 over the course of 6-8 weeks (one treatment a week) I have found a marked difference in my skin. After the course of treatments I let me skin rest for at least 2 months before repeating sometimes longer and the products lasts for many more treatments.

Skin Fab do offer a lower percentage peel which I would advise for those not used to chemical peels or with very sensitive skin. They go up to 40%, any higher and you would need to go to a qualified practitioner. For my review of a professional peel click here.

20% is just right for me. I have light sun spots, prone to blackheads and uneven skin tone. A higher percentage is good for scarring, fine lines and enlarged pores. I would advise booking a consultation with a professional if you have darker skin (olive to dark brown) as you would need to ensure skin tone is equal without any adverse effects.

Over all I love this product. The post peel cream also from Skin Fab is great at re-hydrating. When you first use the peel it can feel like sunburn or stinging but after a few treatments I forgot it was on my face! Be careful in this case or you will get a rather red nose (as I did). Please do follow instructions for the sake of your skin. I never use this or any other product when suffering with a psoriasis flare up as it’s just too sensitive.

The range is available at Skin Fab online and the website explains the huge range of products for different skin conditions.

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