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I have been using Sudocrem for the last 6+ years. It is one of my bathroom cabinet essentials.

Most people know it as a baby cream for nappy rash and alike. It provides a barrier to the skin and unlike Vaseline etc. it does not contain petroleum jelly. I also much prefer the smell.

I started using the cream after seeing it on TOWIE when Chloe sung its praises as a medicated skin cream great for problem skin, scars and blemishes as well as dry skin. I took note knowing that it was a bargain favourite on sale in many supermarkets and beauty stores worldwide.

The cream has since been hailed a wonder treatment for spot-prone skin. It helps to not only care for your skin my protecting but also soothing and healing dry skin patches.

The cream has been on the market for over 85 years. It was created by a pharmacist based in Dublin to cure nappy rash, eczema, pressure sores, incontinence rash and a variety of other minor skin lesions. To this day it still uses the same formula in the Sudocrem we know and love.

At just £2.09 for a 30g tube it is a real bargain. The likes of Kimberly Walsh have been known to use it. Not just as a face cream but also a mask and spot cream.

I use Sudocrem daily on blemishes and spots or minor marks. I use it for my hormonal eczema on my chin that flairs up monthly. To soothe this I usually apply like a mask and leave on for as long as possible, then wipe any excess off.

Find out more about Sudocrem, their range of teenage skin treatments and full product range at The site also has details of stockists.

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