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The Hollywood Browzer Hair Removal & Exfoliator

Dermaplaning is all the rage right now. It is an age old treatment where the top layer of the skin is gently scraped off revealing smoother, hairless and soft skin beneath.

Using a small scalpel on a clean face you can remove peach fuzz as well as dead skin cells. It reveals a much smoother complexion that assists your make up making you look flawless.

This treatment might be an old favourite but it is pretty new to the market in the UK. Beauticians need specialist training, after all you are in charge of a 10 gauge scalpel and prices for treatments start at around £70. You will be hard pushed to find a local clinic that offers the treatment outside of major cities as well.

I have found the best alternative! I have fallen in love with this product from the minute I used it. The Hollywood Browzer is a handy flip blade that gently removes the dirt and impurities of the skin as well as the sideburns, fuzzy lip hair and tidies my hair line!

The great part is… its safe and you use it at home! It is totally painless and you can wear makeup or products in the skin straight away. Some hair removal treatments make your skin red or inflamed this works brilliantly.

You can use it anywhere on the face (neck, sideburns, brows, lips and hairline). As well as the peach fuzz of hair along my cheeks it also removed the greasy build-up of makeup and dead skin cells that accumulate from makeup wear.

I simply washed my face with a gel face wash (you can use soap and water) dried and then gently used the blade across my face working from the sides. It’s totally safe as the blade has been designed to ensure you cannot cut your hands or face when using it. I won’t lie, I was nervous about the treatment, holding a blade to my face at home! But I was surprised how easy it is, painless and it does not feel like a blade at all. If you want to see it in action take a look here

It costs just £15 for two flip blades in a carry case. They advise you purchase new blades every 2-3 months. It is a fraction of the cost of dermaplaning! Plus no need to leave the house, you can fit it in with your routine, it takes 5 minutes!

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