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Yokebe Natural Shakes

It is well known amongst my friends and family that I am ALWAYS on a diet and I never cook!

Before you roll your eyes and tut, I just cannot stand cooking. The thought of spending time in front of a stove and then having to wash up depresses me. Do not get me wrong, I like food, but prefer when someone else cooks it.

Because I do not cook I always looks for the easy option like ready meals, shakes, etc. When it comes to dieting the easier it is the more likely I am to stick to it. So if the diet is all raw food and needs cooking and preparing I will more than likely fall of the diet wagon in the first hour.

When Yokebe got in touch I was over the moon. They make natural meal replacement shakes which involve minimal effort but max results! My dream come true!

I know what you’re thinking, is that just Slim fast? Well, it’s not. It is more advanced. It contains natural honey which is far better than the artificial sweeteners in other products. It also has twice the amount of protein then competitor products meaning you keep fuller longer.

You make the shake up in the Yokebe shaker, which is a rather handy size for my handbag. You mix with skimmed milk and if you are like me, add some ice cubes.

I followed a plan to use a shake in replacement of my usual meal three times a day for three days, then I would introduce a healthy dinner and reduce to two shakes for the following four days.

Knowing I only had three days for the full on, liquid diet, helped me a lot. Whenever I start a diet I always dread to think how long I will need to suffer it! But I was really pleased with myself. I managed the first three days easily, probably because the shakes were so filling.

I then cut down to two shakes and a meal in the evening. Mainly salad and Quorn fillets. It helped the weather has been glorious so no comfort eating and my summer clothes are a constant reminder I need to trim down.

Weigh in a week later and I managed to shift 5 pounds! I resisted the temptation to weight myself throughout and waited until the full 7 days was up.

I will continue to use Yokebe, I like the taste, the ease of use and most of all the results!

Yokebe is available in Boots and Superdrug. You can see more about it here and buy online or on their Twitter account here @YokebeShakes

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