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Drakes of London, Barber Experience

Drakes of London, a city central barbershop, opened in 2004. The original concept was, as owner Ray Khandpur out it, to create an oasis for men, where they could receive not only the best men's haircuts and traditional wet shaves but also other male grooming services from highly skilled experts.

I visited the Tower Hill branch, one of two in the city, to see for myself just how luxury the barbershop is.

The Fulham branch is the original Drakes, and where it all started. Back in 2004 male grooming was not so chic as it is now. With the boom in beards we have seen a surge in barbershops. It was nice to see a traditional barber, based on skill, established not just from a fashion trend.

I opted for a hair cut and wet shave. I usually attend a barber off Regent Street and keep things simple. I have a trim every 6 weeks and as someone who has to shave daily for work purposes I have not had the luxury of a wet shave before.

My hair is very dark and thick, and I am prone to ingrown hairs and dark shadows. The professional shave was the part I was looking forward to the most, as it was a chance to really get to grips with my fast-growing beard.

I was greeted by highly experienced barber Morgan when I arrived at Tower Hill. I started with a basic haircut followed by an impressive hot shave.

A hot towel was used to first warm the beard area and allow my hairs to soften and pours to open. Morgan then applied foam and began to shave, all of which was done meticulously and precisely whilst having some banter on how terrible Arsenal were (he supported them unfortunately) and how Wapping had become gentrified.

Once the shave was complete my cheeks were cooled with an iced towel and cream applied with any sores being treated with a Turkish oil. My skin felt fresh and smooth. I looked pretty sharp as well.

I was very happy with the treatment and would fully recommend it. It would also make the perfect present for the image conscious man from his other half. It is not often that a busy bloke gets the time to experience what is offered at Drakes, due to time. I have promised myself the same barber experience every payday but time runs away with me.

Drakes doesn’t just do shaves and haircuts but a variety of treatments such as waxing. Although this sounds less enjoyable to me. It is classy and slick! It’s the perfect way to spend an hour or two to unwind. I highly recommend we all take an hour out once every 4-6 weeks at Drakes re energising your skin, hair and looking pretty dapper.

Check it out for yourself by clicking here

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