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Moosehead Men’s Hair Styling

Moosehead is part of the McPherson’s brand which originally derives from Australia and is targeted at blokes who are busy and on the move, - robustness, style and easy application all important

The products are affordable while also professional. They have been developed by salon professionals. Two of the items I like the most are the Grubby Putty and the Gritty Clay.

Grubby Putty

For firm hold and no shine finish to give hair that ‘just got out of bed’ sexy messed up look – think relaxed style for no fuss, no frills bed head hair.

The first thing that needs to be said about this product is the smell. No hint of traditional product, a sweet smell that smells of a strawberry refresher bar. As advertised it is designed for the man with longer hair or in my case if you are coming close to the end of the month and waiting on that well needed haircut.

It is really easy to apply however make sure your hands and hair is bone dry otherwise it is not as good and the finish not really what you want or designed for. Like some of its competitors it offers a strength grading on the side of the pot, I find this beneficial.

With regards to durability it lasts throughout the day, so no fluffy bits come 4 o’clock, and it is very easy to wash out. I personally hate product being stuck in your hair for days after initial application.

Gritty Clay

You can get down and gritty with strong hold that’s packed with grainy fibres to make short hairstyles stand on end. Adds texture and definition to shorter hair and grainy fibres provide a matt finish and strong hold formula for well-groomed style.

This is a different product altogether in terms of texture, application, smell & hair type. It smells subtler and with a hint of coconut. The texture is more viscous than the putty and is designed for shorter hair, so in reality they go hand in hand with one another. Again, make sure your hair and hands are bone dry for the best results. You will be doing the product and yourself an injustice if you use when either is wet.

This product is designed for men with short hair. It allows you to have your hair spiked without movement and again for the majority of the day. It has a number of other real positives mainly the ease to wash it off your hands. Some rival products stay on your palms for a while even after washing them, leaving you sticky and uncomfortable. Just like the putty easy to wash out of your hair at the end of the day.

Both products are durable and a little does go a long way, they smell good and are easy to apply and wash out. If you are looking for something more, maybe a wax or dough then they also offer these in the range.

You can find the full range in Superdrug as well as other high street retailers

Check them out on social media here @mooseheaduk

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