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The BlueBeards Revenge – Face Scrub

This product name suggests a rougher, biker gang connotations. It is in fact meant to soften the tough man and look after our delicate facial skin.

I am always rather sceptical when it comes to face scrubs, will they be to harsh? Will they make me look red raw?

The BlueBeards Revenge, originally an exclusive barbershop range says:

‘Every day, your skin sheds dead cells and is under constant assault from an immeasurable amount of nastiness. So, your duty of care begins with stripping away the crud. The Bluebeards Revenge Face Scrub is designed for this exact purpose.’

Bluebeard products were designed to treat tough facial stubble. Ingrown hairs, corse and thick hair. Over time the brand has grown and now incorporates all skin and hair types. The scrub is designed for pre wet shave but can be used as a home treatment in just the same way.

It is packaged in a metal lid tub, very similar to a hair waxes product and looking suitably manly. The smell is like any normal soap with the consistency being what you would expect easy to apply however the texture is noticeably different course in feel. This is due to the crushed Olive Pips that have been included and help exfoliate all the dirt / sweat that we seem to accumulate in our day to day lives.

When it comes to application I personally prefer to use these sorts of products at night after a long day at work. For best effects I rinsed my face with warm water, mainly to soften the hair and open my pours. Apply the cream onto your palm and rub into sections of your face, neck, cheeks, forehead and hairline. Do not be afraid to rub your face as the ground Olive Pips are actually not too course but for Christ sake watch your eyes. Simply rinse your face thoroughly and have a shower or a bath afterwards are per normal. Word of warning do not use this product in the bath as you will get grit up your backside!

The product markets itself as a ‘problem solver for real men problems’ and BlueBeards won the 2014 FHM brand of the year. It’s a quirky brand and beats using your girlfriends face scrub which is often far to scented. It is also really affordable for barbershop professional quality.

All in all, I liked this product as it gets the dirt off your face, removes crease and leaves you feeling fresh minus the red face.

Take a look at the scrub and the full range here RRP £9.99.

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