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Gifts you can both enjoy this Valentines

I believe that if you are lucky enough to have a significant other on valentine’s day then why not show some love. Rather than buy a card or gift like a voucher why not choose something you can both enjoy and does not break the bank. A gesture of affection, an activity you can do as a couple or simply something you both enjoy like a chocolate cake or bottle of wine is your bond with your loved one.

Here are some reasonably priced items that can make a brilliant valentines gift for those in a couple.

Romance Massage Oil from Absolute Aromas

I am lucky enough to have a massage qualification, or at least my boyfriend is lucky that I have it! Part of my training was in aromatherapy and essential oils.

We all have certain smells and fragrances we either love or hate, they can provoke memories or simply tickle our noses.

This wonderful romance massage oil from Absolute Aromas is a delight. The company are renowned for their quality of products and known of aromatherapy. If you are not so keen on the smell of orange of cedarwood then they offer various other relaxation oils to use with brilliant effect.

The Romance oil contains Orange, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, jasmine, sweet almond oil, Jojoba and spearmint! To name just a few ingredients. It gives a powerful yet soothing aroma suitable for male and females. It is designed to balance both hormones.

These are professional grade oils and a little goes a long way. You can use them for not only massage but also as a bath oil, body oil or hair oil.

Nelsons® arnicare® Arnica Bath & Massage Balm

Arnica is natures little secret to good health. It helps treat tired limbs, dry skin and reduce pain and swelling. Its an all-round bathroom cabinet must have.

I particularly like this balm from Nelsons because it can be used as both a bath oil and massage oil. I also use this as moisturiser as it works to soothe my muscles and nourish my skin.

Arnica has been used for century’s for medical purposes. It is used as a muscle rub, is taken orally and can help with bruises and sprains. I have been using it recently due to my more intense gym routine. Working out more often and using new muscles means I often wake feeling stiff and achy until the new muscles grow stronger so this is a great herbal alternative to medical painkillers etc.

The balm also smells famously as it contains evening primrose, sweet almond oil and lavender. I advise you use it in the evening to totally relax and unwind.

Nelsons® arnicare® Arnica Bath & Massage has also won the Natural Health Magazine Beauty awards as Best Bath Treat for two consecutive years!

Gold Aftershave Splash, £8.95 RRP

In amongst all the rose petals and massage oils you might enjoy a manlier fragrance. Here is where Gold Aftershave Splash makes an appearance.

The old favourite has made a comeback and its just as good as I remember. I like this as a valentine treat because not only is it affordable it brings back memories and a timeless fragrance.

It is a spicy, oriental scent suitable for a man of any age. It makes a great gift to your partner.

For the man that thinks the massages and oils are going too far splash a touch of gold around the room and make things masculine again.

Available at Amazon

Treets Traditions Rose & Pink Pepper Massage Candle, £11.49

A candle that is also a massage balm! Wow!

This candle comes in a beautiful ceramic pot with a lid and tapered rim to pour. It is expertly designed for use as a candle and an oil.

The scent is my all time favourite peony roses and it contains 80% ecologically certified shea butter and it is this that turns into a smooth massage oil once the candle is lit.

The scent is not to overpowering as a candle or an oil and the product is not too greasy while still providing hydration and moisturise to the skin to massage.

Its simple to use as well, you might need to just persuade your partner that it is not ‘hot candle wax’! Simply light the candle and let the wax at the top melt. Once melted (say 10mins) pour onto your hand and check the temperature. A good idea is a spot test on the inner arm as this skin is soft and delicate. If the temperature seems ok then proceed to use for your massage.

I love this item as I love candles and massage, best of both worlds.

Available at Holland and Barrett here.

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