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Yes To Tomatoes, Charcoal 30 Cleansing Facial Wipes

I am a convert to the powers of charcoal! After getting over the initial fact that you need to dust things in black powder to make them cleaner I have 100% fallen in love with anything offering charcoal in its ingredients.

The Yes to Tomatoes cleansing wipes are perfect for blemish prone and combination skin. The perfect choice for me right now with my highly hormonal skin flare ups. The wipes which are black in colour not white contain Tomatoes and Activated charcoal to detoxify skin impurities.

I love the little note on the hygiene sticker of the packaging before you open the wipes ‘Black is the new white’. Once open they are easy to dispense and not as watery as usual wipes or as scented. I worried that like with many charcoal products they can be messy but these are not. They do not leave a residue or any marks. They lift of my make up and cleanse my skin easily without stinging or making my face to damp.

The wipes themselves contain Aloe, Tomato, Witch Hazel and Watermelon all squeezed into a compostable, FSC certified fabric wipe. The wipes feel thicker than usual and so nice to use across the face and very soft. It makes then perfect for use around the eyes.

It goes without saying that the fact they are Cruelty-free & Leaping Bunny Certified (suitable for vegans) along with not containing any Parabens, SLS & Silicones ticks all the eco boxes.

For just £4.99 for 30 wipes it’s a small cost for clearer skin every month.

Available at Holland and Barrett for £4.99

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