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T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask

I do love a good face mask. I also admit to being rather creepy and enjoy watching all those peel and spot popping videos you find online.

This is what attracted me to the T-Zone Charcoal masks. It had me at ‘peel off’. Do you know how satisfying it is to peel a mask off and literally feel like you are shredding all the dirt and grim from your pores? No? then try these masks.

First, they peel off, and secondly, they are charcoal! How much better can they get?

I have seen the horror stories online where people are applying industrial strength tar to their faces to achieve a peel but this is the far safer and more sensible means of cleansing the skin.

The masks which you can apply using your fingertips like most liquid masks, are designed to draw out impurities and peels away blackhead. The Charcoal and Bamboo Extract absorb excess oil and leave the skin purified.

Simply cleanse the face with warm water and pat dry. If you can lay a hot, damp flannel across your face to open the pores. Then apply an even layer of the mask avoiding the eyebrows and lips and allow to dry for 30 minutes.

Then the fun begins, you can carefully peel of the mask, and actually see the dirt from your face! Remove residue with warm water.

It can remove some fine hairs, but who wanted them anyway! And I would suggest you use it once a week when you can apply your favourite face cream and relax afterwards rather than use pre makeup.

At £4.99 and available in Superdrug there is no wonder its highly recommended from The Beauty Awards 2017.

The Polished Man got in on the action and tested the Nose Pore Strips from T-Zone check out his review here.

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