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Whey Box – Whey Protein Sachets

As part of my day to day chores keeping in good shape is up there. Most Men’s health magazines, blogs or articles always state that eating the right food is important to get the best results from the effort that you put in at the gym. This can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are avoiding certain foods. It is recommended that we consume high amounts of protein for improved muscle growth. This can be difficult and expensive. Chicken breast & steaks are not cheap. As such I tend to have 1 or 2 protein shakes a day depending on how hard I hit the gym or what I intend to eat that day.

Protein shakes (depending on brand) are normally in powder form and you can mix with either water or milk depending on preference. I personally prefer milk as it acts like a meal and comes in handy if I am busy with work or my personal life.

To the product itself, Whey Box is an established brand that is designed to be bought online however is available on the High Street. It comes in a variety of flavours from Chocolate to Gingerbread. The Whey Box product is advertised as being one thing: convenience.

  • Easy to order

  • Easy to keep

  • Easy to use

Effectively you sign up and it is delivered every month direct to your door. So, from a convenience perspective it is spot on and works well if you are busy person who is on the go. The sachets are easy to store, either in your bag, desk at work or in the home. Simply add water or milk depending on preference. For best results I always mix in a sealed container, shake and drink at your leisure. I have only tried the chocolate flavour and it was pleasant, not too rich or filling and perfect for after a meal as opposed to a meal replacement.

The recommended serving is 30g and contains 21.9g of Protein and 120kcal.

The main attraction to me is the convenience and easy of use. You can pick it up in Holland and Barrett for £2.49 a sachet.

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