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LithoLexal® Bone and Joint Care

The last twelve months for me have been all about improving my health and fitness. I have successfully managed to lose weight, I am on a routine for my skin care and I am sticking to a balanced diet. I am a vegetarian so I know sometimes I may be prone to missing vitamins in my diet. Plus, I am not much of a cook so tend to strict to the same foods. It means that sometimes the vital parts of my diet I need to maintain my gym sessions and more active lifestyle are lacking.

I am cautious if supplements and hate to take tablets. However, LithoLexal caught my eye as it is not a superficial vitamin or synthetic but plant based.

LithoLexal offer a range of health supplements for varying age groups. I decided to trial them with friends and family as well.

LithoLexal® Bone Health

This supplement is designed for maintaining bones post menopause and encourages healthy aging. My mother in law tried this supplement for 30 days. She says;

‘Easy to take, not an uncomfortable size to swallow and no adverse effects. Sometimes I get nausea from supplements but this one was fine.’

The supplements are plant based and drug free so it does not interfere with other medication (advised to read the instructions). Its main purpose is for those in post menopause. It is in this time of life that women experience decreased bone density as out bones cannot absorb calcium as well. This leads to in worst cases osteoporosis and most commonly bone fractures.

What this supplement contains is a plant based marine extract called LithoLexal® along with Vercilexal®. Combined they provide the bones with Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D to reduce the loss of bone mineral. A result is stronger bones and less likely to fracture.

‘You need to look at the bigger picture and ensure you are a healthy weight, have a heathy diet and exercise to ensure healthy bones but these are a good addition to my diet and it takes seconds to take a supplement daily that might prevent a bone fracture or more aches and pains’.

LithoLexal® Bone Care

This supplement is designed for women over 20 years old. Who are active and want to develop and maintain string bones. It seemed perfect for me as Increase my gym sessions to include weights and running. My bones are more vulnerable to injury and I need all the support I can get.

This supplement contains LithoLexal® ELEMENTAL which the body can easily be absorbed and aid your bone health. 10% of your skeleton is rebuilt each year of your life, meaning in essence it constantly needs feeding. It needs the right food and the right vitamins to grow as well as it can. Again, the Calcium and Vitamin in LithoLexal® support natural bone development.

LithoLexal® Joint Health

I offered this supplement to my mother who had a strained shoulder muscle and issues with her joints. After an operation and lack of use of her arm then physio therapy the joints become sore and ached. The supplement seemed a good choice to helping regain natural joint function.

Our joints need collagen to produce and maintain normal function of cartilage, which protects the bone. If your cartilage deteriorates your joints lose flexibility. If the bone surfaces touch, it will result in pain and inflammation in the surrounding tissues.

The LithoLexal® ADVANCED plus Vercilexal® which make up this supplement provide Manganese and Vitamin C to support the natural collagen formation and the development of cartilage.

‘Anything I can do to improve my joints is great. They get stiff and ache with age and cold weather and any protection to my bones that my body makes natural is a benefit to me.’

Find out more about LithoLexal at their website here The supplements are sold exclusively at Holland and Barrett and can be found here:

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