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Holiday Handbag Essentials

My holiday is just days away and I am busy ticking off my holiday essentials.

My first stop is Tokyo, Japan which I am sure will be well equipped with anything I need but I do like to be ultra-prepared. The flight is twelve hours! Wow, so anything to make the journey easier is much appreciated. Here are my handbag essentials for your airport journey or for when you are out and about on hols.

Swish To Go, £3 at Boots

At just 50p a sachet the Swish To Go is my top travel essential.

In ten seconds you can have cleaner teeth, fresher breath and healthier gums.

The sachets are cool mint flavour and a great alternative to brushing your teeth. It is not always convenient to carry a toothbrush, toothpaste or find somewhere with running water so these are the next best thing.

The sachets contain powder that you just empty into your mouth and swish around with no need for water. They are safe to swallow and the powder reduces bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breathe, plaque and cavities.

Lypsyl Lip Balm Compact, £4.99

What is better than a trusted lip balm when travelling? One with a compact mirror of course! The Lypsyl lip balms are brilliant for on the go. You skin dries out when flying and to reduce the effects on your lips, try these lightly fragranced lip balms.

My personal favourites are the fresh orange blossom and zingy mandarin varieties. They contain aloe vera to help repair the lips and vitamin E to protect. They even contain sun factor to ward of the harmful UV rays. I love to carry one of these around at all times, especially good if you have had your lips tattooed with something like Gloss and Go semi-permanent makeup.

Varta Slim Power Bank, £44.99

I have tried a number of power banks on the go. I have found with many have a poor connection or the software is not compatible and they don’t always charge my phone. It’s a case of hit and miss with some and when they only can charge one phone and usually not enough to make a call they seem pretty useless. That is until I found the Varta Slim Power bank.

This is the first power bank I have found that charges quickly and with no connection issues. The pack itself powered up in no time at all. Its slim design makes it easy to slip into your handbag. As soon as my phone battery went red I plugged the pack in and within 20 minutes I was nearly back to fully charged! Not only that but it only used one bar of energy on the power bank which boasts 2.5 x charging of any smart phone and a full charge of a tablet.

Tribe Perfume, £24.99

Tribe first appeared back in 1994 and become one the nations favourite perfumes for teens and young adults. It brings back a host of memories and the latest release of the perfume not seen since ’97 does not fail to revive an old favourite.

Tribe has the same packaging and distinctive smell and the bottle size is perfect for your handbag.

At 30ml you can take the standard bottle in your hand luggage making it perfect for those on the go.

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