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Hangsun Cordless Oral Irrigator

When it comes to gadgets for use in the bathroom or for any beauty requirements you can count me in. I love to see new technology on the market that makes our lives easier, quicker and save us money!

I have no fear of the dentist luckily, but the one thing that does make me wince is the price. Dentist treatment is not cheap and a simple check up or clean can cost the earth.

No gadget or tool for your oral hygiene will replace a dentist but they can help to keep your teeth in good working order before your next appointment so you avoid the dentist bill.

My teeth are rather ‘gappy’, that and a love of seeded bread means a lot of flossing. But flossing has changed from the wax cotton threads to a much more upmarket and sensitive version with the Hangsun irrigator,

The basis of this tool is to flush away any debris on your teeth much like the dentists do with their tools.

So why use it? Firstly, it has three settings from soft to firm water flow to remove any build up on the teeth. So, if you have a sensitive area, a damaged tooth you want to keep clean before it is repaired, this is perfect.

It is also waterproof so you can use it in the shower, drop it in the sink, or bath and it will still work fine.

The best part? It reaches the places I struggle to. It has a tapered head that targets water as a liquid jet of dental floss to help remove plaque, food particles, and bacteria from teeth and gums. Particularly good for the back teeth.

You fill the device with warm or tepid water, especially if you have sensitive teeth. Then use on one of the suitable settings depending on how much you need to clean. Be aware that it does not replace actual brushing of teeth and visiting the dentist. Plus do not be tempered to fill with mouthwash as it can effect the flosser, stick to water.

I found this took a lot quicker then flossing the old way. It didn’t cause my gums to bleed and it didn’t make them sore. I love the compact travel case and the fact it is re-chargeable so I don’t need to worry about batteries.

All round it so a great bathroom essential.

I am offering 30% off when ordered via amazon using the link below and using the discount code "RLSZEFYF"

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