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I’ve Fallen In Love With My Own Lashes!

For years I have been applying strip lashes. I have in fact managed to get the application down to fine art.

However, the fishy smelling glue, the residue on my lashes and the constant spot checks have meant I am sick of the high maintenance, false-lash life.

Knowing I was going on holiday and would be in and out of the pool I wanted a solution to my lash woes, #firstworldproblems. Originally, I was going for a tint but spotted the Lash Lift treatment on and booked in.

Cassie Wright, owner of Wright Kinda Beauty, is a lash expert. Her clients recommend her highly for lash extensions and nails and so I knew I was in safe hands.

What is a Lash Lift?

The lash lift promises you the perfect 90-degree curl that accentuates your natural lash meaning no need to falsely or too much mascara.

I have had a lash perm previously, but the process for tedious and the results didn’t last as long as I expected. I found my lashes curled far to tightly instead of lifting making them look knotted. The lash lift gives a more natural looking curve. You can even customise it to an extent. For example, if you like more fanned lashes then ask your beautician.

It is an instant change and last up to 8 weeks! Perfect for my holiday and beyond.

What Happens During A Lash Lift?

I have had a lot of treatments around the eyes and I am used to people touching the area. However, if you are not used to lash treatments then this could be a bit nerve-raking to start.

A rubber pad is applied along the outer upper lash line, then a serum is applied to soften the lashes. The lashes are separated and laid across the curved upper pad and a lash lotion is applied and left for 15 minutes. Ta Da! All done.

Avoid eye make up and water on the eyes for the day then resume as usual after 24 hours,

Without mascara or false lashes, you cannot see my lashes very face on. I was concerned 24 hours with no eye make up would lead to people asking questions; are you ok? you look tired, rough night?

Instead my lashes never looked better and I didn’t even want to wear mascara.

The best part?

  1. You can wear mascara and eye makeup to your hearts content if you wish after the initial 24 hours

  2. You can add a tint to make even more of an impact

  3. It lasts up to 8 weeks, basically until your own lashes naturally fall out and regrow, cost saving and time saving!

The Lash Lift treatment takes about 45 minutes in total and costs just £25. It is available from Wright Kinda Beauty or book via Facebook here

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