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A Restful Night’s Sleep

With the heat comes disrupted sleep. It seems like I won’t be able to ever use my duvet again, life is destined to be lived in this inferno forever!

As you can tell, the accumulation of sleepless nights has caught up with me and I am slowly getting more and more exhausted. That was until… I found some simple solutions.

I believe sleep is the most important part of our routines. Not because I am lazy but because I think our bodies crave and require it. Without sleep I certainly cannot function to my best ability, I feel awful, get run down and lose concentration.

With sleep my number one priority I set about finding ways of betting the heat this summer and also improving my sleep patterns all year round.

Reflex Pillow

Will all know the mattress and pillow are the main components of a decent bed. They are also the things we most complain about on holiday and in hotels.

Pillows are very important to me. After years of procedures I have learnt to sleep in the perfect position. I sleep surrounded by pillows, slightly prompt up to allow my face to drain away excess fluid and my eyes to be less puffy.

You can tell I am pretty picky! So, I was impressed when this specially designed pillow ticked all my boxes.

The Reflex Pillow is designed for the neck. Cork born inventor, Noel O’Connor, who is also an expert in back and neck pain found a majority of his patients attributed their aches and pains to a bad neck from sleeping. Hi solution after 15 years of research was a pillow made from ‘reflex foam’.

The pillow arrived in a lovely protective case and when I opened this up it feels so soft. Not only is it a dense pillow that will not sag or go thin in places but also it has the most amazing covering. It actually feels like you could melt into the pillow. I couldn't stop touching it.

The shape of the pillow is also important. Rather than a feather pillows it does not flatten and it keeps its shape. It also is allergy free! It has a special dip for the head designed to align your spine and produce the best position to assist blood circulation and redistributes your body weight to help prevent stiffness.

The stability of the head dip, ensures that you’re less likely to toss and turn during the night, whether lying on your back or sides

The first night I used the pillow I fell in love. A small but significant benefit to me is that it also looks nice on my bed. I love to see a bed with a duvet and decorative pillows. Many ‘medical’ based pillows looks big and ugly but this one looks great, you would not know it was a specialist pillow until you try it, and you should!

You can by the Reflex Pillow from

Hangsun Wake-up Light Sunrise Alarm

I hate the sound of my alarm in the morning. No matter how many times I change the tune I still get a rude awakening. I particularly dislike it when you choose your favourite song to wake you up then quickly dread hearing it daily.

The Hangsun Wake-up light is a sleep aid therapy light. It helps you wake up naturally by simulating a sunrise. The light itself can be set to your wake-up time and over 30 minutes the light increases like a sunrise. As well as the light it is also accompanied with a choice of natural sounds (rain forest, birds, water flowing or bells). It has to be the most peaceful way to wake up I have ever experienced.

The biggest difference in my waking patterns is that I slowly wake rather then with a shock, which puts you in a bad mood and can be disorientating. I also feel like I have a more restful waking then snoozing between alarms!

The light also has a sleep function. Like the wake-up function a choice of four natural sounds can help you fall into a sleep. It is accompanied with a reddish orange glow that you can set to time off after a period as you fall asleep.

People complain about technology in the bedroom but this light is my number one must have for any one whether you struggle to sleep / wake or not! It is a great example of technology harnessing the power of nature when modern life gets in the way.

You can by the wake-up light from Amazon here.

HairBurst Mulberry Silk Pillow

This pillow case really is the icing on the cake for me.

I was looking for a case that would combat lines on the face and what I found was one that does so much more!

The silk pillowcase helps your skin and hair making it a must have if you need some beauty sleep!

The mulberry silk pillowcase it silky smooth. It feels beautifully soft when you lay your head on it and there are no pulls, or tugs to your hair. Because of its smooth surface it helps to reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends. It also reduces the number of hairs lost from pulling and damage.

It is hypoallergenic which is perfect for your skin. Unlike cotton silk does not absorb moisture so you can apply your face creams in confidence at night knowing every drop will be absorbed into your skin and not smeared on your pillow.

The softness of the pillow means I do not wake with those dreadful sleep lines across my face anymore. I look brighter and fresher from the second I open my eyes.

here.You can by the silk pillowcase direct from Hairburst, experts in hair care supplements

Organic Sleep Spray

If you are looking for a cheaper but just as effective sleep aid then I highly recommend this Organic Sleep Spray. For under £20 you can have endless night sleep in harmony with the help of this spray.

The spray contains organic lavender from France which is renowned for helping those suffering form insomnia. It is a calming scent and helps you to unwind.

As well as lavender the spray contains lemon, rosemary and bergamot which help circulation and relaxation. Together they produce a beautiful scent that you spray across your duvet and pillow before bedtime.

It is no staining so perfect for my new silk pillow case and comes in a handy 100ml bottle so I know I won’t run out anytime soon.

Available from

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