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IMEDEEN® Derma One® Skin Supplements for 25 Years Plus

I have just completed my course of Imedeen Derma One supplements and my skin has never felt better.

My skin has been temperamental since stopping the hormonal contraceptive pill. I started to find that regardless of the time of the month my skin was prone to flare ups from stress, tiredness and my diet.

The smallest sip of alcohol, one late night and a take away would mean a whole host of skin issues for the week to come. I seems to manage to overcome these issues when I was younger. My skin heeled pretty quickly and a spot would have come and gone in a cycle of three days.

Imedeen as the manufacturers of Derma One skincare tablets created to help ageing skin and made exclusively for those age 25 years plus. The supplements work to moisturise the skin and combat the first signs of ageing.

As with many skincare solutions these supplements contain marine based products to help the skins cells. In particular Derma One contains Marine Complex, vitamin C and zinc, this formula contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, supports normal collagen formation and helps maintain healthy skin.

Marine complex is in essence a protein that is found naturally in the skin. Vitamin C is well known to help skin healing, assist in collagen production, aid your immune system and to protect cells from signs of stress. Zinc helps maintain normal skin and cell formation.

Together the ingredients taken daily help to improve the skin quality, moisture and make your skin subtler and more youthful.

It takes a while to see results, 12 weeks or more. But I urge you to preserve, the rewards to pay off. It is easy to stop taking supplements when you see the positive effects.

The tablets come in packs of 60, a month’s supply at least, or two if you only take one a day, depending on your skin care needs.

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This was a sponsored post. The course was supplied by Imedeen for the purpose of an honest review

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