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Natracare Natural Organic Sanitary Wear

While women unite over the fight to abolish tax on sanitary essentials we forget about the ethical and environmental impact of a visit from Auntie Flo.

I am 100% guilty of buying plastic sanitary bags, flushing my tampon down the loo and using far too much toilet roll then is necessary.

When Natracare got in touch, I started to think about what I was putting in my body and allowing to touch my most intimate parts. After all I am usually rather strict on this 😊

I realised how I spent more time choosing my face creams then my sanitary where and to be honest the range of creams available far outweighs the choice of pads on the shelves.

Natracare are a small family run business in the UK who lead the way in natural and organic menstrual and personal care products. Established in 1989 they make high quality, organic and natural menstrual products. The items are made of sustainable sources, certified organic, cotton. They are plastic free, animal friendly, vegetarian approved, gynaecologist recommended, and Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). In fact, the products and the packaging are made from 100% biodegradable materials.

I firstly tried the day time and night-time pads which were delivered I a discreet box and super-fast. You can buy them direct in Holland and Barratt of go online to find stockists at Natracare.

While they are not yet in your supermarket I think they are totally worth the pre-period planning! I hate to run out of essentials and by stocking up on these I can ensure I never have that embarrassing issue asking the better half to pop to the shops. They also don’t break the bank at approx. £2.39 a box of pads it’s a steal.

The main difference is that the pads are super soft and fresh feeling. They don’t have the plastic feel of usual high street brands nor do they rub or irritate my knicker line.

I also like the freshness they seem to maintain being cotton. I still feel clean and fresh after wearing them for 3 hours!

I hope one day they will be more widely available to encourage others to switch to them.

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