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Skin Re-Sculpting Treatment from Swiss Clinic

Swiss Clinic have introduced a revolutionary new product for at home cellulite treatment using skin needling!

This is the first time I have seen skin needling used for the body on cellulite. I have seen it used for scars and acne treatments previously. The new system from Swiss Clinic, developers and distributors of premium beauty tools, offer a easy to use at home roller treatment for the body. Other products in their repertoire include teeth whitening, lash and brow enhancers and hair restoration products.

You can see some of the success and cult following under the hashtag #myswissclinic on Instagram.

The Skin Roller comes with a Cryogel Body Serum. Its is important to use the correct roller for the area. The body contouring roller is developed to get rid of cellulite, stretchmarks and other scars. Its resurfacing properties give the skin improved elasticity and immediate glow.

It is the perfect at home treatment before a holiday as it rejuvenates and freshens the skin.

The roller is made for the body as the needles are further apart to cover larger areas then the face needling tools. It is made of silver placed surgical steel. It comes in a handy carry case to keep it protected.

Simply roll across the skin for 2-4 minutes in four different directions across the area. For me this was across the top of my thighs. To start I use even and light pressure. You do this for 5 days then rest of 5 days. Over those 5 days I gradually increased the pressure on the roller. The best time for me was before I had a shower, so it allowed me to wash away the dead skin cells.

I then applied the Cryogel Body Serum 3D. This is a gel like formula that once applies feels cold on the skin. The serum enters the microchannels created by the roller needles allowing it to penetrate the skin. Its main ingredient is Chronobiological Contouring Corallina which inhibits the growth of fat cells whilst you sleep and encouraging fat burning whilst you are awake and active.

The roller action and then serum application work to damage and the stimulate and repair the skin meaning new fresh and healthy skin appears. The new skin is smoother and the needling breaks down the old tired and lumpy contours making a much more even skin tone.

To finish I used the really handy felt tip pen shape sanitizer spray in the needle roller. It is important to keep this clean.

It is advisable to read the instructions and pre and post care. This treatment is not suitable to everyone.

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