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All about that Base

Primers, bases, matt finishes, makeup undercoats, contour creams and base coats. The choice for creams to apply pre-makeup is endless. It’s exhausting deciphering the right cream and when to apply it.

There is no questioning that what you apply to your skin pre-make up especially pre-foundation, over all, impacts the application, finish and how long it lasts.

I have chosen some of my top base creams, ones for day time, for night-time and for special occasions, I cover all the bases!

Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate Base Cream

Let’s get to the point, here is a cream designed to be your base coat. In fact it is so ‘on-point’ as a base cream its won awards! ( Day & Night Cream 2012).

I was introduced to Embryolisse by The Polished Man who is an advocate of their range for men.

Embryolisse was established in the 1950s by a doctor, and has been stocked in pharmacies and recommend by skin consultants for over 65 years.

The Lait-Crème Concentré feels like a cream, and works like one as well. It is thick and moisturising and can be used as both a moisturiser and primer. It is even suitable for men (don’t tell The Polished Man) but its calming skin qualities mean it’s perfect as an aftershave cream.

I love the feel of this cream and its hydrating qualities rather than many primers that dry the skin. Instead of looking dry or flaky the skin looks hydrated which makes it look plumper, fresher and ultimately means I need less foundation or blusher.

Embryolisse Anti-Fatigue Gel

If you are looking for something with a little extra punch or for those particularly hard days then I recommend the Anti-Fatigue gel from Embryolisse.

This cream can be used under makeup or on clean dry skin by itself. It reduces the appearance of tired skin by using hyaluronic acid and natural polysaccharides, which plump up and smooth out the skin’s appearance.

I like this gel because of the added boost and the dewy appearance it gives my skin. This is from the pearl pigment which gives the skin a soft glow.

It’s not superficial either, it contains vitamin E that reduces the signs of premature ageing and it helps to nourish the skin while working hard to make you look less exhausted and fresher faced.

Kalme Undercoat Cream

Earlier this year the kind doctor at Reverse Time in Winchester diagnosed me with rosacea. Since I have been on a strict skin regime to get the condition under control.

Kalme products are one of those recommend for irritated and sensitive skin and rosacea. If you are super sensitive and want a primer I recommend this gem.

Kalme undercoat is again designed as a base to makeup or a protector to the skin on its own. It contains ingredient that reduce irritation and protect the skin.

I like this cream because it is light, non sticky and I feel like it gives my skin that added protection it needs. I tend to get dry and rough patches of skin so this is a perfect complement to my skin type.

A note to those with sensitive skin, this cream is recommended for dryness, irritation from extreme weather and even jewelry, perfume, cleaning products or allergies. Basically, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Embryolisse Lait Crème Cleanser

Although not a base cream as such this is an essential pre-base! Whether starting or finishing your day this is a staple I recommend for the bathroom.

It is a foaming milk cleanser that is soap free. It’s great for treating rosacea as its rich and creamy and soft enough for sensitive skin while still making your skin squeaky clean.

I love the smell of this cleanser as it contains sweet almond oil and shea butter. I also love the packaging; you get a lot for your money and only need a little.

Embryolisse Anti Age Firming Cream

If you worry about base creams drying the skin then this one will change your mind completely. This cream is anti ageing and suited to those over 40 years old.

Although it’s not marketed or labelled as a base it makes for a perfect primer. It s non greasy and plumping which is ideal for pre-make up as you want the skin to look younger and fresher and ageing skin looks far better with little foundation. The skin looks plumper and nourished which disguises the wrinkles and fine lines and its non greasy feel is perfect as a day cream. A little blusher and you are ready to go!

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