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Shine Bright like a Diamond

That’s it, summer is over. Pack away the shorts and cotton dresses and get out the jumpers and boots.

With winter comes a whole new skin routine, laden with more products to protect your delicate skin.

In a bid to look glam at the work Christmas party I am testing the latest in teeth whitening. From powder and toothpaste to easy use strips, I have a range of items that are perfect for the ever expanding market of bright smile hunters!

Pro Teeth Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

LED laser, bleaching gel, gum shields... it all sounds pretty scary to me. Especially when toothpaste can give you all the whiteness you need.

Pro Teeth whitening have produced a charcoal toothpaste with a mint flavour, thank goodness as charcoal would taste disgusting!

The scariest thing about this paste is that it comes in a black paste format, same as toothpaste but jet black and promises to make your teeth whiter! But do not fear it works a treat. The charcoal removes stains and refreshes the mouth and the mint neutralises bad breath. It’s also 100% natural and safe on enamel.

The charcoal removes the surface stains often caused by coffee, tea, red wine etc. Its low abrasion so your teeth are kept healthy but nice and polished.

A little added benefit is its suitable for vegans and vegetarian friendly. It was pretty fun watching The Polished Man test it as well, after reassuring him that it would not stain his teeth black he is now a convert.

Pro Teeth Mouthwash

I love a good mouthwash. What’s better then a mouthwash designed to compliment your toothpaste or even better make your teeth whiter?

The Pro Teeth mouthwash comes in a, you guessed it, black liquid form due to the charcoal content. It is minty fresh and not so strong it makes your eyes water. In fact it’s gentle and can be used twice a day. I particularly like this one because it’s light mint freshness that is not over powering and does not make my nose tingle.

As with the toothpaste the mouthwash is 100% natural as well.

Bella Brighton

If you love your usual toothpaste and just want a freshen up once or twice a week I recommend Bella Brighton. It comes in a cute little pot in powder format and contains 100% natural ingredients suitable for veggies and vegans.

The charcoal based product is designed not just to whiten but also to improve your oral health including gum health.

It is a little messier to use and be careful when you open the pot. It is best to take a pinch of the powder and place in the palm of your hand, wet your toothbrush and lay the bristle into your palm.

It is designed for use once or twice a week making its ingredients powerful but harmless. It doesn’t make your teeth feel sensitive or affect your gums, in fact it is incredibly gentle. It has just four core ingredients activated charcoal which helps lift stains and bacteria, Coenzyme Q10 natural anti-oxidant, MSM and organic sulphur for detoxifying and hyaluronic acid for its anti bacterial qualities.

Pro Teeth Whitening Strips

Looking for a more intensive solution or in a rush and need a quick fix with imaact? Try the whitening strips from Pro Teeth.

These easy to use strips whiten teeth in 30 minutes. The strips are designed to fir your top and bottom teeth easily and comfortably. I stuck mine on and went about my daily routine getting ready. Once removed lightly brush your teeth and see them shine.

The pack is enough for 14 days and a course will make your teeth super white. I also like to use this as a quick fix when I feel my teeth need a freshen up before a event.

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