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ZEOS® QU3 Face Wash for Men

I have never been a fan of face washes, they tend to be another addition to the ever-growing man bag of grooming items, after all what isn’t fixed with good old soap and water?

That was, however, until this summer when the temperatures in the city reached astronomical figures on the underground and I noticed my skin starting to suffer.

Since, I have started using ZEOS® Face Wash it has helped my skin recover from the daily stresses such as UVAB, stress, pollution, smoke, and early starts. As such my face look less like a frying pan and more respectable, smooth and revitalised throughout the day.

Stress, heat and UV to name a few things can leave the skin looking red and encourage the dreaded premature ageing. How do I prevent it though? This is daily life?

ZEOS® have created a face wash with Natural Plant Stem Cell Technology that helps build a defence in the heart of the skin and boost the skin ability to regenerate itself. The face wash gives an injection of vitamin E and B5 so the skin is cleaner, softer and hydrated. Something I needed after the sun exposure!

I love application of this face wash, it is really good at getting all of the grime of your neck and forehead which are real areas of concern for me. It lathers up really well, so you do not need much product either. My skin is certainly looking revitalised.

I tend to use it in the morning, after the gym and at night ready for a cotch on the sofa before bed.

Twice a week I add the scrub into my routine for a bit of an extra treat.

The scrub is slightly runnier consistency then I am used to with scrubs but it means it washes off far easier.

This product is an extension of the body and face wash, it has all of the benefits with the addition of exfoliating particles that help to remove the dirt that have clogged my pours.

It is slightly less viscous that other face scrubs that I have used in the past and it contains coconut husk to gently exfoliate the skin and shea butter to nourish. It has the same vitamins as the face wash, so I am not overloading my skin with too many new products.

Exfoliation is important to brighten my skin, plus it is really satisfying, I love a deep scrub especially in the shower as opposed to bathing your face at the sink.

One last positive, it does not contain microbeads! It’s a benefit to the eco system!

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