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The Razor of Kings

This razor hugs your face and every contour even on the sixth shave!

Options for good razors are limited and let’s face it, no pun intended, expensive. I have been sick to my back tooth of paying extortionate prices for poor razors that simply don’t cut it, Ok I will stop with the puns now.

Gina from The Treatment Tester tried the female EVE razor from Dorco earlier this month and raves about it. I was sceptical, after all the hard on my face, my rough manly beard is far tougher then her leg hair so how good can this razor be?

The Dorco Pace4, which sounds like a machine to start with uses four blade shaving technology. It has angled blades, a pivoting head, easy hold handle and a lubricating strip. Pretty standard for a man’s blade I hear you say! But, I finally feel like I have achieved value for money.

From my personal experience this razor just gets it right first time, it left my face soft and smooth even after the 5-6 time of using it. It has a calendula extract strip which soothes the skin and argan oil to moisturise.

That annoying feeling at the end of a blade life when you think 100’s of little borrowers are individually plucking your hairs whilst shaving is a thing of the past. No red raw neck, shaving rash or collar rub.

The blades are easy to change, although you don’t need to change too often. Dorco offer four styles of razor and the handles fit all the heads! So if you fancy a change or want to see what the range has to offer you can easily order new heads (

At £3.24 for two razor head refills it’s a real bargain for how much use you get from them. The complete razor and two refills come in at just £6.49.

I love this razor.

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