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Holiday Essentials

This spring I ventured to India. A new experience for me and totally different for where and how I have traveled previously.

Over the course of 15 days myself and James (​The Polished Man) boarded 6 flights, rode numerous hours in hire cars and tuk tuks and walked countless steps. In total we traveled over 21,000 miles not counting our detours, site seeing and arranged expeditions.

Before we left, James told me to pack light, take clothes I can leave behind, wash or wear again and again. Don’t bother with heels and make up, GHDs and tongs but do pack enough toiletries for two!

The challenge began, I needed to take my essentials and his while keeping my baggage weight as light as possible. I think I most likely single handily funded Ebay post holiday with my endless parcels. Travel gadgets, mini versions of EVERYTHING, quirky hacks and clever tools and of course clothes, bags and shoes.

Here is my round up of my best beauty buys for holiday. Regardless of the type of trip, backpacking, luxury, beach or city these will be my essentials for every holibob!

The Holiday Scent

I LOVE it when a song, a smell or a flavor evokes fond memories. Who can smell Malibu sun cream without thinking tropical beaches and cocktails?

Last year Missguided, the girls fashion brand online, launched a perfume range. With three separate scents I previously tried the Missguided Babe Power which comes in a cute tin effect case that looks like a slim coke can in a beautiful rose gold can. It’s the perfect daytime to evening scent and at £28 its a bargain.

The bottle is a tad heavy for my luggage and as if by fate Missguided answered my prayers and bought out a rollerball mini perfume version!

The rollerball decanter comes in all three scents, Boss Babe, Babe Dreams or Babe Power Available at The Fragrance Shop and Missguided online, these cute mini 10ml scents are the ultimate quick fix fragrance, which make the perfect handbag essential. Priced at just £8.

I tried the Boss Babe fragrance for holiday, with a fruity and floral smell. It worked well as a day and night scent without being overpowering. Best part? It now is the holiday scent that bring back brilliant memories so I love to wear it.

Slicky Smooth All Holiday

I am very dark haired, I also have a hair phobia. The slightest hair growth anywhere on my body and I have a mini meltdown. With the sleeveless tops, shorts and possible bikinis the right holiday ‘de-fuzz’ kit is essential.

BIC Starter Kit, which I assure you is not solely for first time shavers or adolescent boys, is a new subscription razor package. Its unisex and all us ladies love the quality of our mans razors. The starter kit come with a handle, blade and mini shaving gel. All packaged and sent to your door for £2.90.......£2.90 I say!! WOW

I was pleasantly surprised. The 5 super sharp ‘nano razor edges’ create a really close shave. The aloe-vera strip means the skin is protected and moisturised along with the gel.The subscription is monthly, with following months at £7. I was skeptical if one blade would last me two weeks let alone 4 with my hair phobia.

The handle is moulded and non slip and lightweight and comes with a robust razor head cover.

I got the same close and precision shave on my legs, underarms and bikini before holiday, during and another two weeks after! Check it out here,

Feeling Hot

It’s pushing 35 degrees, there is no air con and you cannot open a window due to the dreaded mosquito’s... then you need to wash your hair.

My hair has never looked good natural and it always needs a bit of TLC. A blow dry, a treatment or styling. The bed head look has never worked for me. The last thing I wanted to do on holiday was spend half an hour under the hairdryer trying to calm my frizz.

Power Dry by Design.ME is probably the best beauty gadget if you can call it that since hairdryers where invented! Spritz Dry Me onto wet hair from root to tip. Dry as usual but in super quick time! In fact cut your hair drying in half! It’s some wizardry that only hairdressers and bio-scientists can understand but it works. All the while it also protects your hair from heat and UV, smoothes it so its anti fizz and conditions. No harmful ingredients, suitcase friendly and light and a bargain at £9.95 from Sallys Salon Services online or in store.

Cool Down!

Sometimes after sun just doesn’t cut it. When your skin is dehydrated, burnt and still cooking you need to up your skin care. Ever tried after sun and found it contains too much water, absorbs too quickly or doesn’t cool the skin? Then you need to try Balmonds cooling cream.

Balmonds, previously Pure Potions who smash it with their products every time, have created a rich cream designed to cool flushed skin. It contains menthol, aloe-vera and calming lavender and works to reduce heat and redness which kind of go hand in hand.

With the heat, cold showers, blazing sun and outside elements my skin was dry and itchy. Balmonds mix of olive and hemp oil with shea butter naturally nourishes the skin and cools it, no fridge required! It also smells beautiful and totally organic and natural.

I suffer from rosacea and the Balmonds range is totally from parabens, petrochemicals or perfumes, which makes it perfect for dry skin and is also suitable for people who may be prone to dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and dry, sore, itchy skin conditions.

At £19.00 a little goes a long way. Check it out here

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