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Three is the magic number

I have not always had sensitive skin. I spent my teen’s moisturiser free and with very few spots, then my 20’s tanned and often de-hydrated then my 30s with sensitive combination skin.

Like the seasons our skin will change. Environmental elements, stress, allergies and pollution can all change our skin from month to month. I don’t believe that anyone can go through life using just one product that suits their skin perfectly forever.

Whatever your age or skin type of think we should all have at least 3 products in our makeup bags. These can change from season to season and year to year. I only really realised how important theses are recently as I have been travelling a lot and need to pack my essentials. These items end up being the most essential.

This is my summer 2019 magic three for skin:

Arbonne Prepwork Micellar Water

Where has this been all my life? I love Micellar water. I cannot believe we have been removing makeup and cleansing without it for so long.

Micellar water works like a cleansing water or super duper baby wipe. It cleans the dirt and make up from your skin. You do not need to rinse after instead apply to a cotton pad and just wipe away the dirt.

I did a little test with a makeup remover (no brands mentioned), a baby wipe and Micellar water and tested which removed the most dirt. I was amazed how much cleaner the Micellar water made my skin. Not just that but the Arbonne range includes coconut water to hydrate the skin so it has twice the benefits.

Arbonne’s RE9 Prepwork Overnight Jelly

In the same range as the Micellar water is the RE9 Prepwork Overnight Jelly.

As a child I loved to put jelly on my face. Just ask my mum, she is not shocked that I am doing the same thing now as an adult! But with a higher class of jelly of course.

The Arbonne range is designed to replace serums and heavy creams. It cuts down the number of products you need and solves two problems in one. The jelly has vitamins C and E, antioxidants, omegas and phytonutrients. It all sounds very scientific but in fact it goes back to the heart of the Arbonne ethos; your skin is an organ like any other, how you treat it and how you feed it will all impact on its growth. Applying super foods, omega oils, stem cell extract, hydration and moisture will all preserve, maintain and improve appearance.

Arbonne have a 30 day challenge on their website simply try the products for 30 days and see how your skin improves.

Daytox Face Oil

Back in May I tried the Daytox mineral salts for the bath. My first impressions of Daytox were fabulous so I went on to try the night and day face oil. It does not disappoint.

Daytox oil makes the cut because it is so versatile. I use it as a face oil for the day and then apply it to dry patches on my body at night. It is light and dry, absorbing in seconds. It contains vitamins E and C which help to strengthen the skin. It’s particularly useful in the day as a base for my make up as it protects against pollution and stress which break down collagen.

At just £24 it’s a bargain and lasts ages! The only downside is that my partner keeps stealing it because it is so great on all skin types. You can pick up the Daytox range in Waitrose stores or Ocado online shopping and its reasonably priced meaning it ticks a lot of boxes.

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