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Autumn Skin Care

As much as I love the cosy jumpers and autumn colours, I hate the impact these colder months have on my skin. With the colder and drier air my skin becomes flakier and I am prone to reoccurring skin conditions such as eczema. After years of suffering with cracked and dry skin on my legs, face and arms I have finally found a routine that works and makes the autumn months a little more enjoyable, even in the rain!

The key is to start moisturising early. Be aware that the colder and drier months are coming and prepare your skin. Leave it too late and the damage is done and then it is harder to get on top of your skin complaints and you will be battling the elements all winter.

One of the staple items in my bathroom cabinet is Sesderma Hidraderm Facial Cream (£25.46 RRP). Sesderma is a brand that originated over 30 years ago in Spain. It is now globally available.

The products have both medical and cosmetic benefits and they go beyond the look of the skin into repairing and restoring the skin structure.

The facial cream is one of my favourites and during the winter months I use it twice daily. I have sensitive skin that is prone to rosacea and the slightest scaring and pigmentation. I find that some of the most heavy-duty creams can sting my face and appear greasy because they do not sink into the skin. Sesderma Hidraderm is different, I use two pumps and apply to face and neck. The cream is lightweight and sinks into my skin almost instantly. It is designed for anti-ageing, but I also find this cream perfect under make up and for dry skin patches. It glides on the skin and is kind enough to use around the eyes.

I have traditionally used body oils on my legs and arms to avoid flare ups of skin conditions. I changed to Sesderma ATOPISES Body Milk (£37.82 RRP) this year and find it just as good.

I was worried a body milk may not sink into skin and leave a residue but the Sesderma version is lightweight but heavy duty on dry skin. It can be used daily and is designed for atopic and extremely dry skin. It has an emollient element to its ingredients and is therefore a good cream for more advanced medical skin conditions. It can calm and reduce redness and itching.

It comes in a handy pump bottle so its easy to apply and makes no mess. Unlike some creams it dries well and does not leave a sticky reside on your clothes.

This winter I will combat the skin conditions by being well prepared! I cannot wait to see what Sesderma add to their range for 2020.

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