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London Calling… they want their fabulous hair back!

As a child I have beautiful, long, thick and shiny brunette locks. Then I discovered home hair dye.

After a good 20 years of self-colouring, salon treatments, bleaching, striping, perming and straightening my hair needs a rest.

I have recently started to have balayage and the condition of my hair has improved, coupled with some salon treatments my hair is growing well.

I have tried endless home treatments, and most try to cover and coat the hair while not actually helping the underlying condition. I was on the hunt for an affordable hair system that was going to be money well invested in improving my hair condition not just covering it up.

I came across WNt London shampoo and conditioner range. Endorsed by hairdressers and professional salons the new brand was launched to a waiting list of over 5,000 people!

The pump bottles are sleek and stylish, they are also not to heavy or bulky that they sit nicely on my bath side or shower tray.

Wnt London have formulated a sulphate free, keratin infused treatment for damaged and chemically treated hair.

It is not just for processed hair but it does work wonders on hair that has had intensive salon treatments such as Brazilian blow dry’s. It can even extend the results of your salon treatment by up to 5 weeks! It reduces fizziness, by its use of macadamia, argan and castor oils all highly moisturising.

Dying, blow drying and straightening my hair has led to lots of split ends and a less than sleek shine. The Wnt London range is perfect for rebalancing the hair and reducing frizz. Although it is super affordable, I also think it is worth dropping in that you only need to use a small amount on wet or damp hair. With my hair appointments averaging 4-5 months apart it is the only hair care likely to maintain my locks for that amount of time.

Wnt London shampoo and conditioners are priced at £10.95 each and are available from

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