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2020 Essential Face and Body Care

What’s hot for 2020?

We have seen teenagers achieve degree level contouring, men with the best high definition brows I have ever witnessed and creepy long acrylic nails worn by grandmas. What does the next decade hold for beauty and fashion?

In amongst the outrageous ideas and trends are some pretty good concepts. Here are some top trends that will play a part of my 2020.

Korean Skincare

Korean beauty care has risen in popularity in the UK during the last 5 years. This is

mostly due to its quirky packaging and affordable pricing. Its affordable, cute and colourful making it attractive to teens and the perfect little gift. My top products for 2020 can be found online via MasqueBar, they include a watermelon jelly mask for £4.99 and a strawberry lip mask at just £3.99. Both offer quick and easy hydration and smell fabulous.

Want something a bit more ‘fabulous’? for a true diva experience then glitter masks! The Biomiracle peel off masks with glitter come in a range of colours and for a range of skin types. My favourite for this time of year are the hydrating masks designed to purify and tighten skin but also moisturises. These face masks are a long way from the old mud packs of the 90’s. They not only feel fabulous, both clean and condition but they also look so cute you will want to wear them out! Check out their facebook page:

Back to Basic Brows

High definition, lamination, tattooed, microbladed and more. We have never before had such a wide choice in brow treatments. From super thin in the late 90’s to early naughties to arched and thick then precision hairline, the brow has gone full circle. As make up styles change to focus on eyes, cheeks and lips I think brows will become more natural in appearance. Keep them well kept, stylish and timeless with the Rubis Classic Tweezers, these handmade swiss stainless steel precision slant tweezers are the best make up bag investment you will ever make.

All Natural Products

As we begin to take care of our planet we want to check what we are putting on

our skin. Do the supermarket bought toiletries contain what they say they do? How much of the ingredients are fresh?

Companies like Sensationail are already ahead of the game offering a range of Nailtural Natural Polishes in fabulous colours. The vegan polish is not only high gloss and long lasting it also it ethical and low cost. GO SENSATIONAIL!

Glitter Infused Makeup

I don’t mean sticky body sprays made fabulous by teens, this time glitter goes high end. My favourite glitter product is the Sukki Gloss found at My Beauty Bar.

The high shine liquid lipstick is none sticky and quick drying without drying out your lips. I particularly love the ‘Burlesque Babe’ shade of red from the Gloss That Boss range, a collaboration between LaSplash Cosmetics & Sukki. The lipsticks are designed for all day wear and the glitter is so suitable it provides that edge of sophistication from work to play.

May your 2020 bring you love and joy!

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