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Benecos Make Up Range

I admit, I am a bad person. I don’t shop organic, I don’t look at labels to check for ingredients and I often ignore the price of the things I want the most.

It means a lot of the time I buy products on results and nothing else. If it works, then I will buy it, simple.

For the first time in my 34 I have actually tried and tested some organic beauty products! And you know what? I wouldn’t even have guessed they were organic.

Benecos is a cosmetics brand that specialises in organic and natural products for the face and body. Benecos cosmetic range (apart from the nail polishes) are all BDIH approved. The BDIH are a German non-profit organisation governing the cosmetics industry and checking items in their products fit guidelines on being organic and natural.

As well as being natural, with no harmful chemicals included in any of their products, a majority of the items are vegan!

Conventional cosmetics often contain ingredients such as mineral oils (these ingredients are not permitted in certified natural cosmetics). These ingredients have a different structure to the skin these substances cannot be absorbed and as a result they stay on the surface. It means the skin feels soft and smooth but they are merely covering the skin and not penetrating the skin and making it any healthier.

Benecos products do not contain paraffins either, these are often found in lipsticks and can penetrate the skin into the body. Our bodies cannot expel them and they can accumulate in the spleen, liver or lymph nodes. This is the same for silicones, which are found in long lasting lipsticks.

It all sounds pretty scary doesn’t it!

I naively thought that natural cosmetics might not cover as well, last as long or provide the results I want. Until recently it was not that easy to come across a trusted natural brand.

Benecos has opened my eyes, it is available in a number of locations UK wide and online. The compact powder is wonderful, only a small amount gave me matte skin and stayed flawless all day without looking cakey or greasy. The mascara was a hit as well! The curved brush allowed me to apply without the product clumping and build up the lash rather then smoother with too much product.

The mascara I used was the ‘adorable lash’ range in blue-black. A colour I would not usually go for buy I loved it.

I fell in love with the ‘Mystery’ nail polish. A pink/mauve /berry colour that is really trendy tight now. It was soft and pretty and I only needed one coat. A friend asked if my nails were gel nails because they were so shiny! The nail polish range is free from toluene, formaldehydes, camphor, phthalates, parabens, silicones, TPHP and colophony.

The range available at is also totally affordable. Along with y order I got a brilliant little booklet of all the products and their uses.


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