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Embryolisse; Skincare for Men

Laboratoires Embryolisse, a Parisian brand, as the name suggests, are expert’s in derma -cosmetic care. The theory behind the range is to answer the users skin care needs. The range is approved by dermatologists, just as well as chemists and makeup professionals.

My job means I need to be clean shaven daily, couple that with a shirt and tie and you have a recipe for disaster for your skin. The daily commute means my freshly shaven face is open to the elements and pollution of the big city.

A great solution is the Embryolisse Aftershave. The product is infused with aloe vera and soy proteins to hydrate the skin, sooth razor burn and reduce redness. It also has mattifying properties that mean its non-greasy and fine for daily use. On top of all that it has vitamin E, a natural anti-ageing ingredient that I need with all the travel and pressures of my day to day.

It has a pleasant and professional scent with no greasiness. It does not make you sweat and the scent is not over bearing when you are in a crowded environment i.e. office, tube, meeting etc. I found no irritation after use and I have sensitive skin especially after shaving and having to wear a tie all day.

I now use this daily alongside the Energizing Shower cleanser that easily fits into a gym bag. A little goes a long way and it has a pleasant and professional scent that I could smell on my skin. The shower cream is soap free, and can be used for hair and body as its base is a cleanser. It is kind to skin while successfully getting rid of the chlorine smell from my morning swim.

These are excellent products and I strongly recommend both. Them for yourself here:


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