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Keep Kalme! And get your TeQ Serum

If you are not familiar with Kalme then you should be!

I was first introduced by my husband and fellow treatment tester, James. He had been using the Kalme Undercoat cream after shaving to leave his complexion moisturised but not greasy and reduce redness. I noticed it in the bathroom and soon found myself testing it as a primer for my make up with great results.

Not only is the Kalme Undercoat non-greasy and hydrating it also combats the signs of rosacea which I always seem to suffer from come wintertime or when under immense stress. For the last two years I have used Kalme Undercoat as a base for make-up on special occasions and my husband continues to use it daily.

When I saw that Kalme had added a serum to their range I could not wait to try it.

The TeQ Serum contains a unique plant used to make tequila! Yes, tequila the drink!

PreBIULIN AGA is from Mexican Agave and when used on the skin it can combat the signs of redness associated with rosacea. It is also proven to be more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid!

Like with all Kalme products the new serum is vegan and cruelty free. It uses plant-based ingredients including squalene and oil from olives which is perfect for sensitive skin.

A few drops of the serum go a long way and its easy to apply. My skin literally soaks up the moisture and it does not leave a greasy residue. I have been using it at night then waiting 15 minutes before applying my Kalme Night Repair Cream. On particularly windy and cold days when I know my skin will be open to the elements, I have been applying the serum under my day cream before make-up for an extra boost.

The night cream is an intensive cream designed to repair the signs of rosacea and impact on the skin. During the night my skin rests, I can apply several creams and it is not subject to the elements or extremes in temperature from central heating, that is why I love a good night cream!

Kalme night cream provides just the right amount of moisture without feeling heavy, sticky or clogging pores. My form of rosacea means I sometimes suffer from spots or pustules. Heavy creams can clog the pores and make my skin feel and look congested. The Kalme night cream has anti-bacterial ingredients and soothing plant extracts designed to reduce redness and clam the skin.

Even if you do not suffer from rosacea but have flushed cheeks in the winter months or are feeling the effects of the colder weather, I recommend the Kalme range. For those with lighter skin tones, who are prone to redness, dryness or patches or pinker skin on the face will really benefit from this affordable and extremely delicate range of products.

The Kalme range of products can be purchased at


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