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Nimue Facial at THERAPY

Back in 2016 I received the Nimue range of face products. Since then I have been hooked.

Nimue is a South African brand and unknown, usually to those not in the beauty industry, SA is quickly overtaking the UK and USA as providing the best in cosmetic products.

The Nimue range is an example of the level of product you can get with a South African origin. You can read my review of the range of homecare treatments here.

Not only does Nimue offer at home products like creams, toners, and exfoliators but you can also book in for a luxury treatment at a Nimue listed salon in the UK.

Nimue provide the very best in product training for therapists. The training is in depth and complex, meaning those trained really know the products and how to use them inside out. Not just any salon can become a Nimue skin care provider. In fact they are hard to come by. I found the closest salon to me was Therapy in Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, owned and run by Chantelle and Kelly.

The salon is based in a rural location, complete with parking, a cozy coffee shop and beautiful scenery. The idyllic salon is actually a converted piggery! And it has the charm and beauty of traditional and stately English homes.

Chantelle and Kelly offer a very warm welcome and the first thing that I see when I walk in other then their smiling faces is the wonderful range of products and treatments that you just cannot get on the high street.

The salon is located just 20 minutes’ drive door to door. Closer salons to me offer bog standard treatments and products and little differentiates the salons other than price and the therapist ability. However, Therapy is different, it stocks the Nimue range for starters and the therapists are experts in the product. Secondly the salon offers more unique and medically proven treatments for skin, both face and body. It takes the beauty treatment to the next level- not just some time out but actually some treatments that heal and perfect you inside out.

The beauty rooms are beautiful and very peaceful. I choose an exfoliating Nimue facial complete with hand and neck massage (Therapy salons very own treat). The treatment lasted an hour and a half. It went soooooo fast, I could have laid with the lavender wheat patch cradling my neck all day.

The facial has a number of steps but my favourite was the exfoliation with the exfoliating enzyme that is available to buy in the range. The gel is rubbed into the skin gently and the more it is moved around the more it activates and works. Meaning I got a wonderful face massage and a really deep clean.

Whenever I have a facial I tend to book them at salons out of the town centre. Somewhere I can jump in my car and drive home without being seen with my hair on end and shine on my nose. After the facial at Therapy I felt totally refreshed, clean and most of all radiant. I felt my skin looked dewy and clean and not greasy or oily at all. A light moisturizer helps to provide a barrier to the outside weather.

Nimue have a number of facial treatments for different skin types and conditions. Therapy offer a huge range of treatments for face and body at competitive prices.

Find out more here or follow them on Facebook here;


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