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PMD Kiss; Instant Lip Plumper

A couple of years ago I fell for the crazy fad of lip sucking devices and invested in the Kylie Jenner endorsed lip vacuum. It was terrible... I had bruises on my mouth and the results were not even or long lasting. The bruises in fact distracted from the plumper lips and the end result was a disaster.

Since then I have resorted to injectables but as well all injected treatment the effects wear off and sometimes you want a subtle lift or boost.

The PMD Kiss is an electronic lip plumper. I have to admit I was cautious at first because of my bad experience of Kylie Jenner plumper. In fact, I was really impressed!

The PMD works in a totally different way by increasing blood flow to the lips whilst enhancing collagen production, leaving you with a fuller, more youthful pout.

It also come with a Smart Lip Plumping Serum, formulated with hyaluronic acid and a blend of powerful ingredients, to use alongside the device.

Retailing at £125 the device uses patent-pending Pulsating Vacuum Technology to safely plump your lips in three minutes, with results lasting 3-5 hours. The idea is to apply the serum to clean lips, place the PMD Kiss firmly to create a tight seal for suction. Place the device in the 6 sections of the lips and allow to pulse for 15-20 times.

I particularly like the fact it works on areas of the lips, it means you get a n even coverage, and can plump up some areas more than others.

It is so gentle and rather a nice sensation. The after effects are noticeable and it recommends daily use for 6 weeks to see longer lasting results.

An easy, injection-free, natural way to achieve fuller lips.

Available in the UK exclusively from

Find out more about PMD here:


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