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Salcura stretch mark range

Growing up I went through puberty relatively early at just 10 years old! Yikes. To make matters worse I was not a skinny kid by far and carried a fair amount of extra weight.

As a teenager I rapidly lost weight, as you do when you become interested in boys! And as a result I have a number of stretch marks across my tummy and thighs. I am lucky enough that the marks are mere silver thread lines now and not angry, red marks but I still am very aware of them come summer time.

No amount of fake or real tanning covers the marks and if anything sometimes it can make them appear worse. At the end of the day I have learnt you have to live with it! …Or do you?

Salcura skincare experts have made a stretch mark cream (also available as an oil). I was dubious at first, yet another cream to repair the damage I have done... I was instructed to massage into the area effected twice a day for six weeks. What do I have to lose? I gave it a go.

I am a sucker for nice smelling products. When I opened the cream it didn’t have a very strong fragrance which I was disappointed about but then again that’s not its aim. I applied every day for four weeks in the same area. The cream is no greasy, light and fast absorbing which is a massive plus.

After four weeks I was amazed to see the lines were fading. At first I thought it was the lighting and progressed to stand in front of the window to check in my knickers (sorry neighbours). You can see in the images the before and after and I can say I am amazed.

I have only used the cream on my tummy and hips and I am so impressed I want to use it elsewhere, like my chest and thighs. The Salcura Stretch Mark Therapy Range helps to reduce the visibility of stretch marks by up to 72%! The proof is right here!

Here is the technical side; Salcura Stretch Mark Cream contains the hero ingredient Regestril (Butylene Glycol) which helps to reduce the depth of stretch marks while Rose Hip Oil quenches dry skin and Green Bean Extract aids the healthy formation of connective tissue.

I feel much more confident for my upcoming holiday and will certainly be buying more in the range as well as other Salcura products.


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